In sororities and fraternities, “bigs” and “littles” are big deals. It is a type of bond that can’t be broken. But, the path to getting there isn’t so simple. It’s varies from Greek organizations. 

The common theme between every organization is that the process of finding your Greek counterpart is really exciting. You could potentially meet a best friend, a young member to mentor throughout the four years of college and even past that, or a bridesmaid (and to my "little" — yes little that will be you).

In sororities, the first step is getting a temporary little. Every sorority has a different name for this concept, but it has the same overall meaning. An older member that will guide the new member through the process of finding a permanent big. There are different times and settings that are set up for meeting new members. They are always fun to attend. 

The next step is connecting with girls and finding bonds that can’t be broken. Then when the “little” and “big” are chosen, there is an event hosted where the huge reveal is made. Afterwards, there is a week of presents and fun events. 

For fraternity men, there is no temporary “little." There is a period of getting to know everyone and meeting their potential "big." There is usually a group of men in charge of matching the "big" and "little" together. Then they have their own version of "big"/"little" reveal minus the craziness.

I am so excited to have the potential opportunity to be a big. I want to be what my big was to me: I want to demonstrate all the good qualities of a sorority and a positive role model for her in my organization. I will be her shoulder to cry on, her late night movie buddy, her chauffeur. I will come bearing gifts of ice cream and chocolate after a bad breakup. I will shower her with gifts. I will try to make her laugh with my awful jokes and embarrassing moments.

I am so excited to be her guide throughout life, and no matter where, when or how, I'll be there for her and support her. I can’t wait to start the adventure that is receiving a little. I can’t wait to expand my family and keep our sorority ancestry going. I can’t wait for her to be part of my family and for my big to love her just as much as I do.

Erin Franczak is a sophomore studying journalism with a focus in news and information at Ohio University. What do you think about the idea of bigs and littles? Let Erin know by emailing her at