Sometimes, life and responsibilities get in the way of your relationship. And of course, that’s all good and fine, but your significant other may feel like you’re forgetting about them or ignoring them. In reality, you probably aren’t, but what happens when you get that “I feel like we never see each other anymore” text?

    Send a sext!

    With responsibilities controlling your life, it may be hard to notice how you are spending less time with them, especially in bed. So, sending a simple flirty text or picture can be the saving moment in your relationship. It shows that you’re still interested in them.

    So, you’re uncomfortable with sending a sext? No worries!

    It may take a while to get out of your comfort zone and send that full-frontal nude mirror picture, but there are easy ways to start. Here’s a scale from 1-7, 7 being the raunchiest sext you can send.

    1. Literally just send the side eyes emoji. 

    It says “Hey, I know we haven’t talked in awhile, but do you want to talk?”

    2. A simple flirty snapchat or picture. 

    Maybe blowing a kiss, or some flirty eyes. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    3. “If you were with me right now, what would you do to me?”

    This is a simple conversation starter that can possibly ease your way into a greater (and sexier) conversation.

    4. Remember talking to people you were interested in during middle school? 

    Whatever you called it, there was always some “10 questions” or “would you rather” game in your texts. That game was a little awkward back then, but always fun. Good news! You can do it now. Just be sure to make it a little sexier this time (we’re all adults here).

    5. Time to send those pictures. 

    Get some nice booty action or some abs and send those bad boys out.

    6. Get raunchy. 

    Tell your significant other EXACTLY what you need right now. Something like “I need you to _____ me right now” or “You better come see me later because I’m going to _____.” It’ll get them going and you’ll be back on good terms in no time.

    7. Really want your boo back in your life? Buy some sexy lingerie and get one of your closest friends to take a photo shoot of you. 

    You can send your significant other a picture a day for a week, and have it lead up to a romantic night at home. BOOM. Done. (You can also make the pictures into a calendar for the holiday season if you’re feeling especially raunchy). Gentlemen: Do the same. Some hot bod pics will do your boo right if they’re in the mood. If you’re uncomfortable having one of your bros take them, a selfie stick does wonders for great nudes.

    Bam. You’re relationship is back, or close to being back, to where it was before. Little hiccups and fights are always something that you will face when trying to get to know someone to the fullest extent while balancing the rest of your life on top of it. 

    Sending little messages showing that you still care (and still want to sleep with them) keeps things interesting and upbeat. Remember though, everything that you send out has the possibility of being leaked to the internet. Make sure you trust them before you hit send. Happy sexting!

    Hannah Wintucky is a sophomore studying strategic communication and Spanish at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. How do you keep a relationship alive? Let Hannah know by emailing her or tweeting her at or @wintuck.

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