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Chuck's Collegiate Politics: Protesting is a constitutional right

This past week has been less than stellar for many Americans. I keep trying to distract myself with Joe Biden memes in hopes of hiding my emotions and anger. But memes aren’t going to fix very much.

I have countless friends who are terrified and angry. I have this weird sense of guilt knowing that I am in the most privileged group in the planet; a straight, white, cis-gendered male. I feel like a hypocrite speaking out against Trump's victory at the polls because my winning ticket in the lottery essentially secured my safety in privilege – I hate it.

Americans need to show their support to those in this country who are scared for their rights because of this election. We keep going forward and refuse to accept this fate. 

We should continue to be “crybabies” and protest because its our constitutional right. We have a right to be worried about the future of the country and we have a right to be heard. Trump won the votes of the Electoral College fair and square, but that does not mean the system should not be criticized. The voting system for the election needs to be updated.

So, while we have a man elected to the highest office who is going on trial for committing sexual assault back in the '90s, we have to remember that to “respect him” because “he is our president.”

However, this should not stop us from continuing to come together and unite as a force to show that we won't take this election sitting down.

What will protests accomplish in the long run? Only time will tell. But as long as we refuse to be quiet and let our congressmen and congresswomen know what we want, we may see good things come out of these next four years. And, worst case scenario, at least we know that president-elect Trump will only (hopefully) last four years in office.

Chuck Greenlee is a sophomore studying communications and public advocacy at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. How do you feel about the election results? Let Chuck know by tweeting him @ChuckingAround.

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