You can lie to yourself, or be honest: We all have a slight obsession with the Kardashian-Jenner family. Whether it is following the adorable (yet dramatic) relationship of Kimye, or Kylie Jenner’s latest look, we constantly check social media to what is going on with the famous family.

Most recently, Khloé Kardashian, the “ugly duckling” of the family, has transformed into the “hottest Kardashian.” After her recent breakup with ex-beau and fiancé Lamar Odom, she transformed her body into that of a fitness model.

Now, Khloé is giving a chance for people to get their revenge body through her new fitness show. Out of all the Kardashian-Jenner family members, this endeavor seems like the most philanthropic thing they have done since they stepped into the spotlight. But, will it work in the end? Or will the contestants be seen a few years later with all the weight put back on (like most weight loss shows)?

The first episode was pleasantly surprising. There was a genuine, caring nature between Khloé and her contestants. She asked them their goals, hopes, dreams and fears, while pairing them with trainers and nutritionists. While social media and other news outlets have been saying that this may not be the healthiest way to approach fitness, the participants seemed to be happy, healthy and confident about their transitions. Also, training was done with professionals while having professional nutrition help.

This is really the first time loyal Kardashian followers have seen the family (particularly Khloé) giving back to the public in a positive way. I had low expectations for this show, but after 75 minutes, I felt myself tearing up at the success and self-confidence of the participants.

So, before I mess up my Kyshadow, here’s the recap of the show:

Will Ontiveros

After gaining 40 pounds, Will’s boyfriend and best friend Kyle broke up with him, saying he “wasn’t attracted to him anymore.” Will was fueling his sadness with Chinese takeout and cake, and decided that getting a revenge body would be the best way to get his beau back. Will considers himself a “bear,” but wants to become a “muscle-cub” (a thick, stacked, dude). Will has 12 weeks to get his revenge body with celebrity (and Khloé’s) trainer, Gunnar Peterson. After saying “f--- Kyle,” Will started his revenge. With 36.7 percent body fat, he has a lot of work to accomplish with Gunnar and his nutritionist.

Within the first few weeks of working out, Will decided to drink with his friend Jason (a big no-no for weight loss). After a night of drinking, Will blacked out and forgot to go to his training session with Gunnar. This is something that could get him kicked off the show. But, in his next training session, Will revealed that Kyle is dating someone else. Gunnar told Will that he has to want this, and to do it for himself, not Kyle. He had one of his best training sessions afterwards.

A few weeks later, Will had a meeting with Khloé and revealed that Kyle was cheating on him for their whole relationship. So, Will asks Khloé to call him and invite him to a party — Will’s reveal party. Will thanked Khloé for changing his life for the better. With one day left until the reveal, Will finally admired his body for what it is.

The day of the reveal, Will got his hair cut by celebrity stylist Lee Rittiner. Will looked handsome in a suit showing off his new “muscle-cub” body. His party was held on a rooftop in Hollywood. Will’s mom came, which meant more to him than Kyle. Kyle never showed up, and Will said that this showed him how much Kyle doesn’t matter to him anymore.

At the end of the 12 weeks, Will lost a total of 30 pounds. He continues to workout and lost a total of 52 lbs. through his journey. He is also dating one of Kyle’s exes.

Stephanie Perez

Stephanie was once skinny and fit in with her group of friends. But after getting older, her metabolism slowed down and she started gaining weight. Now, she feels like the D.U.F.F. (designated ugly, fat friend) in her friend group. She feels insecure whenever she goes out with her “supermodel” friends. But, her revenge is aimed at her ex-best friend, Miranda, who always called her fat and told her she needed to change her diet ways. Another one of Stephanie’s insecurities is her acne, which she hopes to fix. By the end of her 12 weeks of training, Stephanie wants to be able to wear a bikini for her reveal. For her trainer, Khloé paired her with aussie heartthrob Luke Milton, who owns Training Mate. His goal is to help Stephanie get to her goal weight of 148 pounds through eating well, working out with high intensity interval training and having a support through her trainer and workout buddies. Her starting weight was 172.2 pounds. Stephanie was excited to start working out. Luke’s approach to supportive training helped Stephanie feel comfortable working out, to the point where she started working out seven days a week, twice a day. But, working out is not the only thing she did. Stephanie went to the Kardashian-Jenner’s dermatologist, Christie Kidd. Christie gave her tips on how to keep her skin clean and pure, while giving her injections for her cystic acne. Stephanie finished out her 12 weeks of self love and care with a weight reveal, losing 27 pounds and weighing 145.2 pounds.

For her final reveal, Stephanie was styled by Jason Boldin. She wanted to wear a bikini for her reveal, so Kendall and Kylie Jenner provided swimsuits from their collection for her. Stephanie thought she looked a lot better than she thought she was going to look in the beginning. On the day of the reveal, Stephanie had a glam team with famous stylists and artists including Jen Atkin and Ashley Holm. Kylie gave her lip kits for all the hard work she put in. Stephanie considers this the best day of her life. At her final reveal pool party, Stephanie looked stunning in a Kendall and Kylie bikini. She decided to talk to Miranda, her ex-best friend that led her to her fitness journey. Miranda said she didn’t remember any of the things that she said, but she was sorry. Stephanie said she would be friends with her again as long as she respects her. At the end of the 12 weeks, Luke, her trainer, offered her a lifetime membership at Training Mate. Stephanie continues to pursue her “revenge body,” and lost another 10 pounds since filming ended. She also has enough confidence to date now.


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