EDM producer Kygo released his first new single in months Thursday.

The track, titled "It Ain't Me," features the smooth tropical house vibes Kygo is known for, as well as vocals from pop artist Selena Gomez.

Kygo had a huge rise in popularity in 2016, thanks to many hit singles such as "Firestone," "Stole the Show," and "Nothing Left." It helped that he was promoted heavily through Apple Music and Spotify. His debut album, Cloud Nine was released in May. And then Kygo disappeared.

Now, more than half a year later, Kygo is back with a brand new track.

"It Ain't Me" starts out with guitar chords, followed immediately by Gomez's voice. As the song progresses, a steady bass comes in accompanied by synthesizers similar to singles Kygo has released in the past. The chorus, also similar to past Kygo tracks, is very catchy.

The drop sounds exactly the way a tropical house drop should. The same soothing synthesizers repeating with a piano in the background. A bit boring to fans of dubstep maybe, but exactly the calm tone most tropical house songs carry.

In the end, "It Ain't Me" will definitely appeal to Kygo fans that enjoyed his singles. Fans searching for his older style found in his SoundCloud remixes of the past, however, will still have to wait.