If you’ve ever wanted to meet one of those lovable dogs you see daily on Instagram but unfortunately never had the chance, you’re in luck. This week’s Pet Instagram Review will focus on an issue that hits close to home — shelter dogs in Athens County. This week’s page is Bobcats of the Shelter Dogs, a nonprofit run by Ohio University students to raise money for local animal shelters. The account, @dogsofohiou, has almost 400 followers.

The Humane Society estimates that over 6 million cats and dogs currently live in shelters. However, that doesn’t have to be a sad number, because with the help of potential loving owners that could mean 6 million animals with new and happy families. Instead of supporting puppy mills or chain pet stores, stop by your local animal shelter and consider helping a critter in need.

Look what's at the shelter #puppies

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Quality of Pictures

The account features photos of different pets, not just dogs, from various shelters in the area, taken on a phone. Many of the animals are up for adoption, so if you see one you like it could potentially be your new furry friend. There are also photos of the events the group holds on campus, including boothing, where you can go and meet a posse of pups for yourself. In addition to the posts of adorable animals who need a home, there are celebratory posts for a lucky dog or cat who was just recently adopted. Either way, scrolling through the page will tug on your heartstrings.

Rate of Posts

The account isn’t quite consistent with their posting, but one could only hope that means there was a shortage of homeless animals at that point in time. You’ll generally see a few posts per week, but every now and then there will be a lapse of a few days or weeks.

Cuteness of Pet

All of the pets are incredibly cute and deserve a good home. This blog series is usually all fun and games and strays from the serious side of things, but it can be unfair to these potential pets to judge them solely on their looks. That’s not to say any of these dogs and cats are “ugly” by any means, but when looking for a shelter animal looks should come second to more important issues like the personality of the pet and the fact that they need love and attention.

Rating: ⅘

While the rate of posts could be improved, and a better camera would be nice, this account provides a valuable service to the area by attempting to get these pets into good homes. If you’ve ever considered adding a new feline or canine member to the family, take a scroll through this page or make a few visits to local shelters. You most likely won’t regret it.



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