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Rachel Lindsey took some of her suitors on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on The Bachelorette. (PROVIDED via The Bachelorette Instagram)

TV Recap: Ellen DeGeneres gave Rachel dating advice on ‘The Bachelorette’

The contestants of The Bachelorette showed some skin on The Ellen DeGeneres Show during the Monday, June 5, episode while trying to impress Rachel Lindsey. It was probably because Rachel showed she isn’t playing around and will send a man home at the drop of a hat if she isn’t feeling it. Also, one of the fan favorite crazy contestants finally got the boot on the ABC competition show. Check out the biggest moments from Monday’s episode.

Rachel shut down DeMario

DeMario got exposed last week for having a girlfriend while on the show, and Rachel didn’t waste any time sending him home. However, he still showed up to the mansion during the rose ceremony to beg Rachel for forgiveness.

“I completely f--ked up,” DeMario said. “I can’t let you go.”

Rachel wasn’t falling for it though. When he said he wanted to move forward with the situation, she made sure to tell him that forward wasn’t toward the mansion, forward was outside on his way home.

“That was a boy and I’m looking for a man,” Rachel said. You go girl. It wouldn’t have been surprising if she let him back on the show for ratings, but she wasn’t messing around.

Blake and Lucas faced off

Blake has had a vendetta against Whaboom man Lucas since the first day of the show, and Lucas started to think he was not jealous of him, but jealous of Rachel. He told Rachel that Blake stood over his bed while he was sleeping and licked a banana, and he thought Blake had feelings for him. The stupid drama led to both of them being sent home, and they got into a screaming match on their way out.

“I just want to say f--k you, bro. You’re a piece of s--t,” Blake said. “You’re here to be on f--king TV. You’re a wannabe comedian. You’re a washed up joke.”

Lucas wasn’t going to let him do all of the talking though.

“Go back to your protein shakes. Go back to your steroids,” Lucas said. “Go back to your garbage clown life.” Too bad they didn’t get into a physical fight because it would’ve been both hilarious and completely pathetic. Bye clowns.

Ellen gave Rachel dating advice

Rachel took some men on a group date to The Ellen Degeneres Show. The men thought they would just be in the audience, but Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t going to let them off that easy. She made the men go into the audience shirtless and dance to “Pony” by Ginuwine and made them play “Never Have I Ever” with Rachel.

“Every year I say I’m not going to watch The Bachelor. Every year I say I’m not going to watch The Bachelorette. And then I get sucked in,” Ellen said. Me too, girl.

She also had some strong feelings about Jonathan a.k.a. The Tickle Monster when Rachel informed her of his weird tickling quirk.

“That’s a horrible thing. Why is he still here?” Ellen said, and then promptly tickled Jonathan right when she met him.

Fred finally got his moment — literally like a single moment

Fred has had a crush on Rachel since kindergarden and finally made a move after the group date to kiss her. He got extremely insecure when playing “Never Have I Ever” and found out that half of the men in the group had already done it, so it gave him courage. After he finally sealed the deal, he was over the moon.
“I saw me in a tuxedo and I saw her in a wedding gown,” he said after their little makeout session.

Sadly, almost immediately after that perfect moment, Rachel sent him home, which completely destroyed him.

“The wind is taken out of me,” he said. Poor guy.

Rachel took a date on Rodeo Drive to a whole new level

Anthony got the one-on-one and Rachel decided they would do a little shopping on Rodeo Drive — on horseback. No seriously, they strutted up and down the road, in and out of stores on the backs of horses. After the couple shared a cupcake with the horse, it pooped in a designer store. Are the producers just running out of date ideas or what?

Bachelor contestants make the men get dirty

A few contestants from Season 21 of The Bachelor (yes, including Corinne) planned the entire second group date and even tagged along. The ladies really went all out and planned for the men to have a mud wrestling competition. By the way, Kenny, the professional wrestler, was along on this date. Who knows how all of the men didn’t back out immediately after just seeing Kenny warm up to the challenge.

“These dudes about to get they ass whooped today,” Kenny said.

The men started wrestling and got completely covered in mud — which was not a cute look. Bryce did well but Kenny was annihilating everyone and when it came down to the finale between the two of them, it seemed like Kenny was the obvious winner. Somehow, Bryce managed to beat him. Kenny wasn’t phased though, probably because on the bus ride there he started pole dancing in the middle of the bus and Rachel seemed super impressed. Speaking of that …

Kenny admitted to being a Chippendales dancer!

Rachel jokingly made fun of Kenny saying that he spent too much time in Vegas after he performed on that pole, but he confessed to her that he actually did! He used to be a Chippendales performer in Vegas and decided to give her a little show. He ripped his shirt off and started giving her a seriously sexual lap dance that she was obviously loving.

Eric whined about everybody and everybody whined about Eric

Eric freaked out the whole episode about his connection, or lack thereof, with Rachel which for some reason made a lot of the other men in the house angry. They trash talked him to Rachel and he kept throwing temper tantrums about it and it was never ending. It was a perfect example of the producers obviously trying to make up some dumb drama that didn’t exist and dragging it way too far. It got so boring and who knows what it was even supposed to be about. Somehow, Rachel gave him a first impression rose and basically told him she’d keep her eye on him. Wow so dramatic … not. Viewers need a Chad-level villain to emerge this season soon or this might start getting boring, especially now that we lost Whaboom.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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