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7 things everyone thinks on the first day of classes

Class is back in session! With the first day upon us, here are seven common thoughts people have throughout the day. Good luck, and remember to set your alarm!

1. “Why did I think it was smart to schedule an 8 a.m. class?”

While many people think scheduling early classes is a good idea, it typically isn't unless you're a morning person. Waking up early for high school is completely different than waking up for college classes. You'll start to miss your mom waking you up in the morning.

2. “I probably should have looked on Rate My Professors.”

Taking a class with a professor that's not a good fit for you can make or break how well you do throughout the semester. Make sure to double-check and see if you chose the right professor for you. There's still time to switch classes.

3. “Do I really need to take this class?”

There's nothing worse than spending an entire semester in a class you didn't actually need. Be sure to double-check your transcript and talk to your advisor. We all know general education classes aren't always the most interesting, so try not to spend extra time taking them if you don't have to.

4. “Do I actually have to buy all of these books?”

Wait for the first day of class to buy the book. Even better, ask around for other people who took the class to see if you even need it. Also, try to rent to book to save some money if you absolutely need it. If you have a friend in the class, you can split the cost of the book to save some money.

5. “Should I be taking this many credit hours?”

The university suggests taking at least 15 credit hours (about five classes) a semester to stay on track to graduate in four years. Taking less classes than suggested can be risky if you are trying to graduate on time, which can cost more money in the long run. Taking more classes can be a struggle, and you'll have to prioritize classes over hanging out with friends but it will pay off.

6. “Was taking a class with my friend a good idea?”

While taking a class with a friend may sound fun, being able to focus in class is important. Try to only take classes with friends if you know you'll be able to do your best. Don't be afraid to break the news that they are too fun to be in class with.

7. “Should I actually try to use that planner my mom bought me?”

Yes. Planners may seem dorky to some, but they can be a lifesaver if you're forgetful. Things pick up very fast once the school year begins between classes, work and social events, so using a planner is a good idea. Plus, if you buy a cute or cool one, that makes it even better.


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