String instruments don't usually come to mind when EDM is mentioned, but Martin Garrix's new single begins with none other than a symphony of violins.

The track, titled "Pizza," was first unveiled to fans during Garrix's 2017 Tomorrowland set as the closing song.

"Pizza" begins with almost a minute of classical music tones, followed by a smooth transition into a more EDM-oriented sound. As the track progresses, the drum levels slowly increase in the background, leading into the buildup.

If the opening of the track was the cheese, then the drop is all of your favorite toppings. The progressive house drop features no vocals, but it doesn't need to. The song stands great on its own without any unneeded interruptions over a beautiful melody.

As the second drop of the song slowly fades out at the end, the track transitions back to the violin strings — the cheese of the track — one more time.

The progressive house release is a refreshing track to hear from Garrix after his previous three tracks, "There For You," "Byte" and "Scared to Be Lonely," all of which fell in the future house and future bass genres. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's good to change things up every once in a while.

With the release of "Pizza" out of the way, fans can only hope Garrix's next release will be the one everyone seems to be requesting: "Rewind, Repeat It."

The collaboration with Ed Sheeran was first heard at Ultra Music Festival 2016 but has yet to be given an official release date.


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