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A Twitter user recounts his story of an alleged haunting by a ghost child. (photo via Adam Ellis Twitter) 

'Dear David' — one Twitter user's alleged brush with the supernatural

Adam Ellis, an author and illustrator from New York, has gone to Twitter to post about his ghostly encounters.

On Monday, Ellis sent out his first tweet about his alleged experiences, and it has garnered more than 54,000 retweets, was featured on Twitter’s ‘Moments’ at various times throughout the week — and he even wrote a BuzzFeed article about it.

According to Ellis, the ghost made his first appearance to Ellis in an episode of sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is a form of paralysis that occurs when a person finds himself or herself unable to move for a few minutes, most often upon falling asleep or waking up, according to

Ellis said the ghost appeared to be a young boy with a misshapen head who was sitting in a rocking chair near his bed. The boy then began to move toward Ellis’ bed, and Ellis woke up screaming before anything happened.

After having several dreams about this boy, things started to get weird for Ellis.

This girl went on to tell Ellis about “Dear David,” who is dead and only shows himself at midnight. She told him if you say his name, you can ask him two questions. But she warned Ellis that if you ask more than that, he can kill you.

In Ellis’ next dream, he asked David some questions about his death and realizes when it is too late to go back that he asked three questions and wakes up terrified.

After this incident, he decided to try to find some information about any local boys by the name of David dying in a store accident.

Fast forward a few months and Ellis had just moved into a new apartment (which is above the one he previously lived in), with the dreams of David forgotten.

Then, something strange started to happen.

Ellis uploaded a video of his cats sitting in front of his front door, claiming that, for the past four nights at midnight, they have gathered and stared at the door.

Every night since then, his cats have been doing this, and Ellis feels that something is outside of his door.

He took some photos through the peephole and swears there is a shadow, but when he opens the door nothing is there. 

Although this could all be fake and just be an easy way to gain followers and attention, Twitter users are responding in different ways.

Some have tweeted at Ellis, concerned about his health and offering suggestions as to how to protect himself from this paranormal activity. 

The story continues to unfold each day as Ellis updates his Twitter on new happenings with David.


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