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Ally found her revenge on "American Horror Story: Cult" this week. (photo via ahsfx Instagram) 

TV Review: Ally finally got her revenge on 'American Horror Story: Cult'

Another history lesson was given on this week’s episode of American Horror Story depicting another American cult.

After being portrayed as Andy Warhol, Evan Peters played the roles of Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh and Jim Jones as Kai told members of his cult stories of great American cults to show the history behind their cult leaders and inspire his own followers. To show this history, real footage was combined with Peters reenacting scenes. 

At city council, Kai wanted to ban websites created by “left-wing propagandists” of the media. While a councilman disagreed with him, the rest voted in favor. Here viewers saw that many of the members seem to be agreeing with Kai just to please him. 

Ally (Sarah Paulson) finally sat down one-on-one with Ivy (Alison Pill) to ask her why she joined the cult in the first place. Ivy played the innocent card and claimed she was scared and needed someone to guide her into the right direction. Winter (Billie Lourd) arrives with Oz (Cooper Dodson) and Ally went off on her too. Winter fired back, blaming the election on the way she acted. She then decided their best way of getting out of the cult is to run away. But it was too late — the new cult members barged through the door.

Back in Kai’s basement, he brought out the Kool-Aid, which foreshadows the Jim Jones incidents from the late 1970’s. One of his members refused to drink and was shot by Gary (Chaz Bono). After realizing how serious Kai was, Beverly (Adina Porter), Ally, Ivy and Winter drank it, followed by the rest of the men and even Kai. While everyone freaked out because they thought they just drank something poisonous, Kai pointed out that he is running for Senate and people who are dead cannot vote. Therefore, the “Kool-Aid” was just a trick to prove their loyalty.

Ally and Ivy continued with their escape plan and went to pick Oz up from school but he was nowhere to be found. Apparently the nanny and some others picked him up.

However, Oz was taken by Kai, who brainwashed Oz with ideas that he is his real father because “two mommies can’t make a baby.” By the time Ally and Ivy made it to Kai’s house, Oz was already calling him “daddy.” Apparently Kai is a sperm donor and claimed he truly is his biological father. Ivy and Ally went back home because they couldn’t do anything about it, and Ivy completely lost it. 

To calm her down, Ally cooked dinner and picked up some wine. As Ally started explaining to Ivy her horrific time in the psych ward, fans notice she was not eating or drinking. She continued to talk about her thoughts of suicide and how she learned to be strong during such tough times when Ivy never came to visit her. Soon, Ally’s motive became clearer. She claimed revenge helped her get over her phobias, but Ivy denied it. Ivy said it is just a phase and she will go back to her crazy self again. As Ivy got up to leave, she choked on her food. Ally poisoned her meal and Ivy died a slow, painful death. It was all a part of Ally’s plan. 

Storytime again at Kai’s and he continued on with the Jones story, but twisted the ending. In his version, Jesus Christ resurrected Jones’ followers. During the story, Oz took it upon himself to Google the story and called Kai out for lying. Kai angrily put him into a time out.

Ally invited Kai for dinner again at her house, but first went to the sperm clinic to make sure Kai really wasn’t her son’s dad. Her suspicion was right because Kai was lying and is not Oz’s biological father.

Later at dinner, Kai asked Ally where Ivy was and she calmly replied that she is in the trunk and that she killed her by poisoning her. Kai was a bit skeptical, but continued to eat the food that Ally made him. She also showed him Oz’s donor file. However, this time, it had a picture of Kai inside. 

Once she convinced him that he is really Oz’s biological father, she used his tricks against him by making him feel loved. Ally was using her position as an advantage to keep her and Oz safe. 

Now that Ivy is gone, next week might show a progression of Ally and Kai’s relationship and a hint at what her plans are now that she has the upper hand.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. 


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