Tuesday night Ohio University Graduate Student Senate passed four resolutions, one of which asked OU to offer meal plans suited to graduate students. 

Currently, OU offers residential, off-campus and faculty and staff meal plans. Of those plans, graduate students mostly fall into the off-campus category, which is the most expensive plan. 

According to the resolution GSS passed Tuesday, current off-campus meal plans start at $8.43 per meal and the plans offered to faculty and staff start at $6.60 per meal. 

GSS President Maria Modayil said the current off-campus meal plans last one semester, so the resolution would ask for a yearlong meal plan better suited for graduate students.

Vice President for Legislative Affairs Zachary Watts, a sponsor for the resolution, proposed five yearlong meal plans that would cost the same as the faculty meal plans. Watts stated that passing the resolution would be “a step in improving graduate student life.”

Modayil mentioned a conversation she had with Vice President for Student Affairs Jason Pina in which he seemed to be “fully in support” of this idea.

The resolution passed unanimously.

A resolution supporting House Bill 61, a bill exempting sales tax on menstrual products, also passed unanimously.

Elizabeth Jenkins, senator for the Scripps College of Communication, said the “pink tax” has shown to be “exponentially awful” over the course of a lifetime because of how much people pay to the tax. 

Body members heard from Regina Warfel, Research and Assessment Analyst for the Career and Leadership Development Center, to discuss the beneficial services the CLDC has to offer to graduate students. 

Members also heard from the Graduate Employee Organization about a recent report comparing OU to other Ohio universities and encouraged members to be a part of both the Graduate Employee Organization and GSS due to the common goal of “lower fees and higher subsidies.” 

Sierra Holt, previous Representative for Human and Consumer Sciences, was appointed the Senator for the Patton College of Education.

The resolution to amend the rules and procedures for Board of Elections language passed. That resolution allows the Student Senate Judicial Panel to conduct the GSS election.

Four more resolutions related to the rules and procedures were tabled due to lengthy discussion. 



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