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Making the bed can be a small way to improve your daily life. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons user Tomwsulce)

How making the bed improves daily life

With the start of the academic year, students gained new freedoms away from parents. At home, a standard of having a clean room may have been set in place, but without parents seeing your room at school, things may have gotten out of hand. I know I stopped making my bed, which I used to make every day while at home. I only made my bed when I changed my sheets which was rare. Then, something hit me and I started making my bed again. When making my bed again, I saw that I was living an organized, clean life again and was able to focus. Here are the many more reasons to start making the bed.

Makes the room look cleaner 

Making the bed not only makes the bed look clean, it will make the entire room look cleaner and more put together. Living in a dorm with everything in one room, having the bed look presentable may lead to cleaning the rest of the room to match. 

The “adult” feeling that comes with it

While looking put-together on a regular day, nothing gives a better adult feeling than knowing the bed is made. Having guests over and seeing that the bed is made is the easiest way to trick friends into thinking that you did not actually have a mental breakdown just two days earlier about that anthropology exam in that exact bed.

Does not have to be made first thing in the morning

There is a common view that beds have to be made first thing in the morning — which is completely wrong. There is no set time that beds must be made. Make the bed in the morning, afternoon, before or after dinner, or even right before you go to sleep. Just taking time and making the bed is an accomplishment no matter what the time of the day it is.

Getting into a made bed at night is heavenly

After a long day of classes, exams, meetings and homework, getting into a made bed is the perfect thing to end the night. While it is possible to just pull the sheets or comforter up of an unmade bed before sleeping, it feels amazing to roll down the covers and snuggle into a made bed. It has even been found that the• body eases into sleep better in a made bed.

It’s easy for people to start small by making the bed every day to improve daily living. Their sleep will be better, the room will look cleaner and ultimately make life a little more pleasant.


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