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'Outlander' had several twists this week. (Photo via Outlander Facebook) 

TV Review: Claire finds out Jamie’s lie and a member of the Murray family gets kidnapped in ‘Outlander’

In the latest episode episode of Outlander, Claire (Caitriona Balfe) discovered lies Jamie (Sam Heughan) had been feeding her when she returned to Lallybroch feeling unwelcome. Here are the six most important moments from Sunday’s episode of the STARZ show. 

Claire and Jamie go back to Lallybroch

When Claire and Jamie return to Lallybroch after Jamie’s print shop burns down, Claire gets an icy greeting. Jenny (Laura Donnelly), Jamie’s sister, was not excited to have Claire back in her life and was very skeptical of her story. Jenny even referred to Claire as a stray despite the two being very close decades before. When Jenny questions Claire about where she was all this time, Jenny doesn’t buy Claire’s story. The Claire she knew would have never stopped looking for Jamie. Jenny obviously knows there is more to Claire’s story than what she is being told which is why she is skeptical of Claire’s return.

Jamie is married to Laoghaire

After pouring their hearts out to each other about how they dreamed of finding each other, Jamie’s stepdaughters barge into the room, calling him “daddy.” Jamie was about to admit he had married Laoghaire (Nell Hudson) a few years earlier, but was interrupted before he got the chance. Claire was shocked and Laoghaire came in ready to kill. Laoghaire shouted all kinds of slurs at Claire, who was clearly terrified since the woman years before tried to have her killed in a witch trial. Jamie chased Laoghaire out of the room and Claire began to pack her things. It was all too much for Claire, knowing Jamie had kept such a massive lie from her since she had returned. Claire also felt alone after finding out it was Jenny who sent for Laoghaire.

Laoghaire shoots Jamie 

While Jamie and Claire were discussing his lie and things had cooled down after both of Jamie’s wives finding out about each other, Laoghaire had returned to shoot Claire. Jamie stepped in front of Claire and Laoghaire accidentally shot him instead. Claire ended up shoving Laoghaire away so she could help Jamie. Claire had to use her medical skills to remove the pellets from Jamie, but after he had a fever, she used the penicillin she brought back from the 20th century. Even though she was making sure he wouldn’t die, Claire was furious with Jamie.

Jamie tries to figure out how to divorce Laoghaire

Ned Gowan (Bill Paterson), a lawyer, had come to consult Jamie on how he could get out of the marriage with Laoghaire. Because Laoghaire was so hateful of Claire and now of Jamie, she demanded a ridiculous amount of alimony in order to let Jamie out of the marriage. Jamie revealed he knew of a treasure on an island that would more than make up the alimony Laoghaire was demanding, but it was on an island a good distance from the shore. Having an injured arm, Ian (Steven Cree) and Jenny decided to allow Young Ian (John Bell) to make the trip to receive the treasure. 

Claire isn’t sure about her and Jamie 

While Young Ian is making the swim to Silkies’ Island, Jamie and Claire discuss their future. Claire was still very uneasy that Jamie had lied to her. They had promised each other not to lie to each other, ever, so it was a low blow for Claire. She even admitted she was not sure if they were meant for each other anymore after Jamie realized she couldn’t even look him in the eye. This was a big moment in the episode. Jamie and Claire have always without a doubt seemed perfect for each other, but this lie changed everything for the two. Claire had traveled thousands of miles for hundreds of years to find Jamie, only to have him lie to her. She was clearly upset and began questioning if she should have gone through the stones again. 

Young Ian gets kidnapped

Before Claire can find herself to forgive Jamie, the two see a ship near the island Young Ian was on. When he was carrying the treasure, the sailors snuck up on the island and ended up taking him. Jamie and Claire tried to shout but it was no use. Jamie even came close to swimming out despite his injured arm, but Claire said it would be useless. There was no way Jamie could catch a ship. The two looked hopeless as they watched the ship sail off with their nephew and the treasure. 

Outlander airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays on STARZ.


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