Today is Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018. Here’s what you need to know today:

News from The Post:

Looking for things to do with your sibling this weekend? We got you covered. (The Post)

People enjoy cult classic movies despite niche popularity. (The Post)

See how OU’s salaries rank compared to other universities. (The Post)

Good morning,

Ohio University students could have some part of their student debt paid for by Natural Light. 

The beer company is offering to pay $1 million toward college students’ student loan debt. It will give 25 people $40,000 to pay off student debt. All applicants have to submit a video saying why they went to college. College graduates can also apply.

So drinking Natural Light can really help someone out.  

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Athens Weather

There won’t be any snow tomorrow, and the high will be 49 degrees with winds from 10 to 15 mph. (Courtesy of Scalia Lab)

Scores and Game Times.

Men’s basketball lost to Bowling Green on Tuesday, 66-50. (The Post

You might also want to know…

Glee star Mark Salling was found dead Tuesday. (Entertainment Weekly)

Three people died when a helicopter crashed into a California house. (CBS News)

Harley-Davidson is making an electric motorcycle. (Bloomberg)