Nintendo Labo is a new set of hardware from Nintendo fans were not expecting — cardboard cutouts. After constructing the cardboard set together, players will be able to put their joycons into the cardboard creations called toycons. The new accessory for the Nintendo Switch left some players with some unanswered questions. Here are 6 thoughts about the reveal. 

1. It’s for kids

It seems like Nintendo is marketing the Nintendo Labo for kids, and kids at heart. Nintendo is focusing on their child-centric vision by having a hands-on event for children between the ages of 6 to 12 at the New York City and San Francisco Nintendo Stores. 

2. The extent of the games

Nintendo Labo showed in their demo kids playing the piano, fishing, riding bikes and much more. It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo can expand on these ideas and actually make a full fledge game out of those activities instead of small experiences. 

3. Innovation

Adult fans might be confused as to why Nintendo would create this product in the first place. It’s never been done before, and that shows creativity on Nintendo’s front. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Nintendo Labo does, but then again the same was said for the release of Nintendo Switch. The market could respond in anyway possible. 

4. Understanding the market

Nintendo made it clear that the Labo is marketed towards kids, but who’s going to buy it for them? Parents.

Since this is marketed for children, parents need to know what Labo is. If they think it’s just pieces of cardboard with not any particular uses for the Switch, then not many parents will be buying this for their children. 

5. Price range

Fans are wondering why Nintendo Labo price is ranging from $70 to $80. It does come with software for the cardboard kits, but the length of that software is not clear.

The $70 set will give the player a set of games. Judging by how each game isn’t a full fledged game, it’ll be hard to see how long the first package lasts all together.

The $80 set will allow the player to transform into a robot mech suit. Fans are hoping this is a full fledge game, because this set has only one cardboard cutout.

The main reason why fans are upset with the price is because the sets are made out of cardboard. It shouldn’t be expensive to make, but no one has had hands on experience with it or seen the quality of the games. Fans will have to wait and see. 

6. Cardboard durability 

If the cardboard only lasts for one play session and breaks for a slew of reasons, then what will become of Nintendo Labo? It's unclear if consumers will have to buy a new set all together or just replace the cardboard parts. This is meant for kids after all, so hopefully Nintendo made the cardboard durable. 


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