Jimmy Thomas played 2,051 minutes and 54 seconds, roughly 34 hours, as Ohio's goalie in the 2017-18 regular season.

The sophomore led the nation in minutes, games (35) and tied for second in shutouts (six).

In that span, Thomas led his team to a share of the Central States Collegiate Hockey League regular season championship, tied Ohio's record for shutouts in a season and also received six penalty minutes in a game against Robert Morris-Illinois.

But what kind of things could you do in the 34 hours Thomas spent in net for the Bobcats?

-Road trip! If you hopped in a car and traveled west, you would land perfectly in Los Angeles, 2,316 miles away from Athens.

-But you can't just drive that long and not listen to any music, right? You could listen to "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd about 202 times.

-You could watch the eight Star Wars movies, not including Rogue One, 1.9 times.

-You would not, however, be able to finish The Office. You would make it somewhere in the middle of season 4. The TV show has nine total seasons.

-You could watch about 20,519 vines.

-You could play about eight and a half rounds of golf, which is about 153 holes.

-You could play about 136 games of the video game NHL 18 if you played five-minute periods.

-Oh no! Jimmy got sick and had to go home. He could drive from Waterville, his hometown, and back to Athens four times.

-The world’s longest flight is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Auckland, New Zealand. You could complete that trip about one time — a roundtrip flight is just over 33 hours.

-You could take the ACT more than 11 times.

-You could go up and down the Baker Center escalators more than 800 times.

-You could participate in just over 11 "Brick Breaks" at Red Brick Tavern.

-Joey Chestnut could eat more than 14,765 hot dogs at his pace in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. If you put all those hot dogs together, it would span just under 2 miles.

-You could also wait in line at Chipotle approximately twice.





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