Are you a fan of the NBA? How about the national anthem? Hopefully, if you answered yes to both of these questions and you watched the NBA All-Star Game this past Sunday, you will still be able to listen to our nation’s anthem without reliving the trauma that is Fergie.

Before I get too far into it, I have to acknowledge that Fergie did apologize for doing what I can only consider a cruel rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. While a few people on Twitter believe that this is a sign of humility, and that it takes so much confidence to be able to apologize for that, I still think it’s hilarious; this is mainly due to the fact that I’ve been trying to explain she is an awful performer since 2011 when she tainted the last bit of "Sweet Child O' Mine" that hasn't already been ruined by Axl Rose or every wannabe rockstar in a guitar store.

As a person, Fergie by herself is a meme because of Fergalicious, basically. The reactions to this American travesty, however, are a whole other ball game, and ripe for our picking.

Even Roseanne Barr hopped in on the action, stating that her version of the national anthem was better than Fergie’s. A lot of people have cited it stating that Roseanne’s was worse, but I couldn’t disagree more. Setting aside the fact that they’re both terrible, the difference is that Roseanne is a comedian, so it’s supposed to be awful. Fergie is a singer, so the ball is kind of in her supporters’ court (basketball pun fully intended).

Is Fergie’s rendition the worst thing ever heard? That may be a bit of overkill. At the end of the day, the problem is that Fergie just wanted to be a little too extra. It’s definitely not a crime, but it sure is downright cringey. The memes are good for a quick laugh, but they will only last so long before the next big singer inevitably screws it up once again. Mix that in with the fact that my cat runs every time he hears the video of Fergie’s attempt, and this meme lands at a solid 1.5/5.


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