Ohio University Graduate Student Senate will hear a presentation from Student Health Insurance Administrator Anna Casteel at its Tuesday night meeting.

OU GSS President Maria Modayil said the university has until Thursday to decide on a health insurance plan for the next three of four years. UnitedHealthcare, OU’s current provider, has placed a bid to continue as the university’s health provider.

“Because of … the cost of health care changes, they have to put out new bids and see which companies match the standards that we want to have for students covered,” Modayil said. “There are four companies that came back and placed bids.” 

Modayil said the body will either vote on a resolution in favor of one of those bids online or during the meeting.

The body will also vote on four resolutions, including three related to its budget. 

They will vote on allocating funds for the Sustain OHIO Essay Contest, Better Bystander bar coasters and the Muslim Student Association night.

GSS will also vote to appoint new members.



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