Hannah Smith left her class early to share green drafts with Reghan Rosengarten. 

Smith, a senior studying political science, and Rosengarten, a junior studying communication sciences and disorders, was not only celebrating Green Beer Day, but they were also reflecting on last year's Green Beer Day when they became friends by deciding to go out together after meeting in a Spanish class. 

“You can’t miss Green Beer Day,” Rosengarten said. 

But it seemed like others didn’t have the same feeling about the excuse to drink green Miller Lites. 

Anja Odengaard, a bartender at The Overhang, said Green Beer Day was busier last year and blamed the fact that it was before spring break.

“A lot of kids are trying to save money,” Odengaard said, referring to students taking trips during break. 

People weren’t complaining about the lack of bargoers, though.

Jenna Marciniak, a junior studying nutrition, was out since 3 p.m. after her 2 p.m. class was canceled. She said the day’s been “very, very calm” but the “perfect amount of people” were out at the bars. Green Beer Day is her favorite “fest-like” day, she added.



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