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A man who accidentally ordered an Uber costing $1,600 got his bill paid for by a company. (photo via Flickr Creative Commons user Mark Warner)

Fun News Friday: Oldest-known message in a bottle found in Australia; man gets his accidental $1,600 Uber ride paid for

Despite being more than 10 days away from the Spring Equinox and spring break right around the corner, it is snowing again in Athens. Both Milliron Fest and Green Beer Day were celebrated in frigid temperatures. But hey, it’s Friday, which means it’s time again for some fun news. 

Remember that drunken man from New Jersey who accidentally took a $1,600 Uber? He got out of paying for it 

As told in last week’s Fun News Friday, New Jersey resident Kenny Bachman mistakenly ordered an Uber from near West Virginia University back to his home more than 300 miles away, racking up a $1,600 bill. In a bit of a surprising turn, Jamie Giovinazzo, founder of Eat Clean Bro, offered to pay the bill in order to thank Bachman for not driving drunk, according to CBS Pittsburgh. The money that Bachman did raise through a GoFundMe to pay the charge will instead go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 

Person finds oldest known message in a bottle

Tonya Illman of Perth, Australia, was walking along the beach when she spied an old glass bottle and decided to instead take it home as a decoration piece. According to Huffington Post, when her son’s girlfriend reached inside the bottle, she found a neatly rolled note tied in string. The note indicated that the writer wanted to know when and where the bottle was found. 

Further research determined that the bottle was part of an experiment by several German ships, the sailors of which were throwing bottles overboard in an attempt to learn more about ocean currents in 1886. The coordinates of the ship on the note indicated that it was thrown into the ocean 600 miles from the coast on which it was found, according to the The Guardian

Details from the note matched those of maritime records of the German Ship, Paula, and was confirmed to be legitimate by the German Naval Observatory. 

A NSFW email was accidentally sent to every lawyer in the state of Utah

Members of the Utah State Bar’s email list — every active lawyer in the state — received an email on Monday of information about the “2018 Spring Convention,” followed promptly by a picture of a topless woman. 

Matt Page, the communications director for the Utah State Bar, confirmed that the email went out and said that it is being heavily investigated. 

“We are aware of it and we are horrified," Page said to the Deseret News. "Our goal is to get to the bottom of what happened and ensure that it never happens again."


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