Today is Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Here’s what you need to know. 

News from The Post:

President Donald Trump’s new aluminum tariff may affect local breweries. (The Post)

See how some people have secret relationships in their life. (The Post)

There is a new lawsuit against fracking around the Athens area. (The Post)

Good Morning,

And happy Green Beer Day, Bobcats.

It’s time you head to Court Street clad in your favorite green clothes — many opt for a Boston Celtics Larry Bird jersey — and drink green beer. The festivities were taken from our foes over in Oxford, but we like to think we have made it our own in a way. 

Green Beer Day was around when OU had it’s quarterly schedule, but has stuck around when the university switched to semesters in 2012. 

And though it’s in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day, it isn’t the average hootenanny. Many students say it feels like a fest in the middle of the week, causing plenty of reason to skip class.

Whether you’re headed to the bars or skipping the event all together, this is just another reminder of how there is always a cause for celebration here in Athens. 

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Athens Weather 

Bundle up as you head to Court Street today, there will be a wintry mix with a high of 41 degrees. (Courtesy of Scalia Lab)

Scores and Game Times 

Both Cierra Hooks and Gabby Burris were given Mid-American Conference honors. (The Post)

Women's basketball heads to Cleveland today to continue on in the Mid-American Conference Tournament. (The Post)

You might also want to know:

Trump fell in ranking on the billionaires list. (BBC)

The dating app Bumble has banned guns in profile photos. (The Verge)

North Korea showing signs of willingness to "denuclearize." (The New York Times)


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