Following the emotional mid-season premiere, The Walking Dead brought enemies face-to-face in Sunday’s episode. The episode took a stylistic approach by focusing on six different character perspectives and showcasing the emotions each character felt. Here are the top five moments from episode 10 of The Walking Dead’s eighth season.

1. Enid and Aaron get out of Oceanside

After being captured by the women of Oceanside, the fate of Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) was left unresolved. This episode, Enid was able to convince Cyndie (Sydney Park) that she should let them go. Enid stated that Cyndie’s grandmother’s death was an accident and it would only cause more repercussions against the society. Cyndie realized Enid was right and promptly released the two, warning them to never return.

However, because it’s The Walking Dead, the characters didn’t listen. Once they were outside of Oceanside, Aaron informed Enid that he was going to go back inside and convince them to help Alexandria, The Hilltop and The Kingdom. He told Enid to go back to Hilltop and be with the others. Hopefully, audiences will see Oceanside team-up against Negan soon.

2. Michonne and Rick fled Alexandria

When we last saw Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira), they had just buried Carl (Chandler Riggs). This episode opened with them both crying as they stood just a few feet from Carl’s grave. They decided that they had to leave and join the others at the Hilltop. While packing, Michonne saw the handprint that Carl and Judith left on the porch before he died, bringing her to tears. As Rick and Michonne were about to leave, Michonne saw that a gazebo had caught fire. She attempted to save it because it was Carl’s favorite place to sit, but she was unable to because of the walkers swarming her. In the end, the two were forced to leave, carrying much more baggage than they had brought in.

While Michonne was deeply affected by the handprints and the gazebo, Rick seemed to be in shock. He asked Michonne what Carl meant when he told him it had to stop. Michonne said that Rick should read the letters Carl wrote to them, including one that he wrote to Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but Rick refused. The two continued on to meet with Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) and her people.

3. The Scavengers were eliminated

After the Scavengers attacked the Saviors in the mid-season finale of this season, Negan ordered Simon (Steven Ogg) to go warn them to stay in line. To do this, Negan told him to kill one person, and one only, and then the rest would comply. Simon argued that they should just kill them all and get rid of them, which Negan strongly objected to. When push came to shove, Simon ended up killing all of the Scavengers except for their leader, Jadis.

Now that the Scavengers have been eliminated, they won’t be able to team with Rick and company to fight Negan. However, their brutal leader is still alive and will definitely have a role to play in the future.

4. Jadis was deeply affected by her people

Jadis was the only individual who survived the massacre of her people. She was left alone in the junkyard, only to see Rick and Michonne appear. She talked to them, in uncharacteristic complete sentences, and begged them to help her get out. Rick refused to help her, stating that he was tired of her games, which goes against what Carl told him to do. Jadis then stayed in the junkyard, surrounded by her people who had now turned into walkers. She devised a plan to kill them by leading them to a grinder and having them fall into it. She was visibly affected by having to watch her people be grinded into mush, showing an emotional depth that she has lacked since her character’s introduction to the show. Viewers will be greatly interested to see what happens to her character as the season progresses.

5. Rick promised to kill Negan

After refusing to help Jadis, Rick was shaken by his actions. He talked to Michonne and decided that he had to pull over. He then walked through the woods and read Carl’s letters, including the one written to Negan. Despite his words, Rick still proceeded to talk to Negan over a walkie-talkie. He told Negan that Carl had died and Negan was shocked. He expressed his condolences, but told Rick how he had failed as a leader and now as a father. He told him that he needed to stop now before anyone else died. Rick refused, saying that he was going to kill Negan.

Although Carl repeatedly warned his father to stop the bloodshed, Rick seems adamant about getting revenge. It seems to be all out war for the characters as they prepare to face off once again. Audiences will be greatly anticipating what Rick does next and seeing how Negan will react to the Scavengers being killed by Simon. Check back next week to see how the season continues.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. 


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