When Arie dumped Becca Kufrin on The Bachelor, one might think that would incentivize the casting directors to find really great men for her on The Bachelorette. That has not been the case. 

Most of the men appear to be names too vulgar to write. Yes, some of that might be because of the editing powers of television. But inherently, Becca is just way too good for most of them, and Monday’s episode proved that:

Colton just seems so insincere

Colton has struggled to form a real connection with Becca since revealing that he dated Tia Booth. Becca and Colton seem to have moved past it, but there’s still something off about him.

Colton smiles too much. Before this season, I would’ve thought that to be an impossible feat. He just smiles at the wrong time — mostly when he’s trying to be serious. He just feels like a fake person out to be in a competition. Who knows, maybe he’ll have better luck in paradise with Tia. Former contestant Bekah Martinez thinks so. 

The men talk…

The notorious two-on-one happened Monday, and as usual, one man went after the other. Instead of talking about himself, David attacked Jordan. There have been very few scenes where David actually talked about himself. Actually, none come to mind. 

“I feel like I’m back in sixth grade,” Becca said. “This is frustrating. This is annoying. This is petty.”

At one point, Bachelor Nation may have felt bad for Jordan and the lies David was saying about him. It was sad to watch, and David’s shenanigans obviously backfired. He was sent home and Jordan made terrible chicken jokes. 

...and talk some more

Becca took Jordan to dinner so she could get to know him better, but all he talked about was modeling. Becca tried to find some depth in the conversation, but it just didn’t work. 

“As amazing as I think you are, there’s something missing there,” Becca said.

Jordan was absolutely ridiculous, and the season won’t be the same without his witty one-liners

Very few of them listen

Chris has had a successful past two weeks, but his attitude got in the way this week. When Becca didn’t talk to him on the group date, Chris took that personally and thought about leaving. 

“If I go home tonight, Becca is going to regret it,” Chris said.

OK, Chris needs to deflate his ego because Becca would not regret sending home a guy that is ready to leave when one thing goes wrong for him. At the cocktail party, Becca pulled him to the side first because she heard a rumor that Chris wanted to go home. He said that wasn’t true and kept defending himself. Becca barely said ten words because Chris wouldn’t listen. 

He even interrupted her time with Wills, who was not having it. 

“I’m going to give you two minutes then I’m going to come back,” Wills said.

Wills gave Chris two minutes, but Chris fought it. Becca was looking at him like, “Dude, you need to go away so I can hang out with Wills who is much better than you.” She even told Chris that she would find him — and he still wouldn’t leave. The disrespect. 

But in the end, Chris got a rose. Props to Becca for having patience, but Chris should go home as soon as possible.

But there’s hope

Now, not everything is terrible. Becca still has a few viable options, excluding Lincoln and possibly Garrett for a lot of public realizations

But there’s still Blake, Wills and Jason. All of them are hot, caring and genuine. Blake even snuck in the first “falling in love with you” line this week. And Becca said the same thing in her confessional. 

“I honestly knew it from the beginning,” Becca said.

Becca deserves love after the hell she went through last season, but it doesn’t seem that any of these guys really deserve her. Maybe it will all become clear after hometowns. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.



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