Hometown visits are notorious for being dramatic, but this season seemed a lot calmer. There was definitely no situation like Dean’s last season. None of the parents were overtly against the process, and the men picked really chill date ideas. It wasn’t until Tia showed up that the show got interesting. Here’s how each of the hometown visits went with the remaining four men:  


The first hometown visit was to central California where Garrett’s parents live. It’s a good thing the producers started with this one because anyone could tell it was going to be boring. The couple is perfect — and the hometown reflected that.

Garrett’s family owns an agricultural business, so he took Becca out on a tractor. The producers missed their chance to play Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.” 

The sweetest moment was when Garrett planted a rose bush for Becca so he could give her an endless supply of roses. How cute. 

“Life with Garrett would just be so good,” Becca said.

Garrett’s family seemed intimidating at first. They swore they were going to be overprotective parents and grill Becca the whole time. That wasn’t really the case. Yes, they brought up Garrett’s past marriage and how that sucked the life out of him, but they were quick to back off when they saw just how good Becca and Garrett are together. 

“Unless I read something wrong tonight, I think Becca could make Garrett really happy,” Garrett’s mom said.

Garrett’s mom wasn’t the only one feeling good after the hometown.

“Something just feels so easy and right with him. It feels like everything is falling into place,” Becca said.


Becca then went to Buffalo to meet Jason’s family, and it wouldn’t be Buffalo without a wing-eating contest and hockey.

The emcee at the contest asked her the tough questions, like whether she eats ranch or bleu cheese with her wings. 

“No ranch in Buffalo,” Becca said. “Bleu Cheese.”

Becca and Jason showed obvious chemistry on the hockey rink, and it’s surprising the ice didn’t melt. Becca was a pro, but it was Jason who showed his true talents. 

“You have cool hockey mom in your blood Beckster,” Jason said. 

The rest of the date was very “meh.” His family was super cool, but no real drama happened. His mom said that’s the happiest he has ever seen him, but she couldn’t tell if Becca felt the same way. Jason defend his feelings and even told Becca he loves her. 

It feels pretty obvious how this season ends, and it doesn’t end with Jason on one knee. But it could end with Jason being the next Bachelor. This episode proved he is a likeable, charismatic man who wants a normal life outside The Bachelorette. It would be hard to see Jason flooding his Instagram with endorsements and staying in the spotlight, which might be why him and Becca wouldn’t work. 

Here’s to hoping Jason isn’t too broken at the end of this. 


Becca headed to Colorado for her last two hometowns. The first was in Bailey to see Blake’s family. 

Blake revealed last week his parents were divorced and that they went through a public smalltown breakup. Blake’s mom cheated on his dad with his basketball coach/English teacher. So the first thing Blake did was take Becca to his high school. That makes a lot of sense. 

Blake showed her around and they had a conversation in the library. Blake told Becca his school was the target of a school shooting when he was there, and it was a traumatic experience for him. Becca appreciated his sincerity, but Blake revealed there was another surprise.

He took her to the school’s gym, and performing on a stage was Becca’s favorite singer Betty Who. Blake is smooth. 

And his parents liked her. They were weary of the heartbreak he went through not long before the show started, but they could see Blake was happy.


The next stop on the Colorado tour was Parker to see Colton and his family. Colton took her to the one place he loved to be: the Children’s Hospital of Colorado. 

Becca and Colton bought gifts for two children they were going to hang out with. The whole adventure was the cutest date ever, and Colton never looked more relaxed. 

Colton told Becca he had never brought home a girl before because he is very selective. Colton’s mom said she had never seen him this happy, and her conversation with Becca went really well. It was his dad that was a little more apprehensive. 

Colton’s dad doesn’t want her to pick him if she’s not serious about it because “it’s better to hurt now than down the road.” 

Despite all that, Colton told Becca he loves her and can see a future with her. 

Comic relief

Heading into the rose ceremony, Colton pulled Chris Harrison aside because he was worried about Fantasy Suites next week. 

“I was wondering what the expectations are,” Colton said.

Chris looked a little taken aback, and Colton explained it’s because he’s a virgin. It’s hard to tell if Colton is actually doing all this because he sincerely wants to know or if he just wants more screen time. 

Chris told him whatever happens in the Fantasy Suite is something agreed upon the two parties, but it was easy to see Chris was trying really to hold back laughter.

Rose Ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Becca gathered some of her closest friends from the last season of The Bachelor, including Tia who dated Colton before the show. Becca brought all of the women up to speed, even telling them Jason was the best kisser.

When she got to Colton, the room tensed up and Tia pulled Becca aside. 

“When I think about Colton, if I’m being completely honest with myself I feel like I do still have feelings for him,” Tia said.

Becca is rightfully frustrated and doesn't know what to do. After his hometown, she felt like she could see a potential with him. 

“I never saw that coming. I thought we put that to bed weeks ago,” Becca said. “I don’t want to lose any friendship to a guy.”

When it came down to it though, Becca blindsided Colton in the rose ceremony.

“I finally got to the point where I could not feel broken again,” Colton said. 

She talked to him after, but did not mention Tia’s revelatations at all. She said it was from what his dad said during the visit. Becca is an “A+” friend. 

Now, maybe Tia will get her shot in Paradise.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.



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