Becca Kufrin finally found her life teammate after being dumped on television less than a year ago

Becca picked Garrett Yrigoyen, and broke up with Blake Horstmann surrounded by the beautiful blue waters in the Maldives. The collective sighs of Bachelor Nation could be heard around the world as Blake was the first to walk up to Becca. He had the ring and the right moment, but there was just something missing with the constant chemistry they had throughout the experience. Though Becca said there were no red flags, some things led to Blake’s downfall:  

He was too in his head

Up until the final episode, Blake was more worried about Becca’s relationship with Garrett. When he met Becca’s family, they would occasionally mention Garrett which really got to Blake.  

Throughout the season, Blake was so obsessed with the other men. He was constantly in his head, and that foreshadowed his ultimate downfall. That followed him to some of his last lines in the season, and Becca even admitted on After the Final Rose that played a factor in her decision.

“I can’t imagine how happy she is going to be when Garrett proposes to her,” Blake said.

He was the safe choice

Getting the first date is not always an upside in the end. Blake got the first date, much like Peter did in Rachel Lindsay’s season

Becca loved Blake from the beginning, and said their relationship was always so strong. As their relationship remained constant, her relationship with Garrett grew. She could see progress with Garrett, whereas Blake’s love was stagnant. 

“I pictured you standing here in this moment for so long,” Becca said. 

There was just something missing. Garrett is a little bit more of a risk. He has been married before, and he was not always the clear option.

Garrett has an undeniable quirkiness

Garrett showed up in a minivan full of parental supplies and instantly won over Becca’s heart. From the beginning, Garrett was destined to go far, and she always saw the resemblance to her father. 

“He is somebody I could see my dad loving so much,” Becca said.

From trying on slippers and hats on their first one-on-one to the moment he proposed with a gorgeous Neil Lane diamond ring, it was evident Garrett was a good choice for her. 

“I reread my journal, and you were the first guy I ever wrote about. And I said you reminded me of home,” Becca said. “Garrett Vincent Yrigoyen, I love you. I really love you.”


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