The weekend is here, and so is new music. This week’s releases are heavily dominated by women of all genres. Whether your into folk-inspired Americana (First Aid Kit’s Tender Offerings) or indie-pop is more your vibe (Pale Waves’ debut My Mind Makes Noise), there are tons of female-led bands and artists to listen to. Here are some of the highlights:

The one that’s on brand:

Stylized-pop singer Lana Del Rey has consistently released heartbreaking songs throughout her career. In her latest single, “Mariners Apartment Complex,” Del Rey gives listeners a retrospective, brooding look on relationships, and more so her own relationships.  

The song is backed by acoustic guitar and piano that exudes a sense of psychedelia mixed with folk music. It’s dreamy and airy, something that is most definitely attributed to Del Rey’s breathy, almost spoken-word vocals. Del Rey strips back any antics, and shows her beautifully sad vocals in full light.  

Produced with Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, “Mariners Apartment Complex” is the first track released from Del Rey’s upcoming sixth studio album. 

The one that screams autumn:

With the impending autumn season, temperatures are slowly dropping and leaves are starting to fall off trees. Arguably, fall is a melancholy, chill season and singer-songwriter Billie Marten is here with the perfect tune to soundtrack it.

Her latest single “Mice” features her signature soothing vocals and exudes a feeling in which Marten felt she had no sense of direction, according to an interview with Clash Magazine.

“I felt sort of empty and lacking a lot of purpose. ‘Mice’ came out of that sentiment which is why the drums are so lethargic and lazy,” Marten said. 

Though the song isn’t necessarily one that’ll lift your spirits, it’s a great song for walks to class in chilly weather or just to capture the melancholy spirit of autumn. 

The one that proves women can rap (if that wasn’t already apparent):

Female rappers have been in the forefront now more than ever. With the ongoing feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B overpowering the world of rap music at the moment, it’s hard to see the other female rappers in the game. 

Spoken-word artist turned rapper Noname is no exception to great music. Following up her 2016 mixtape, Telefone, the Chicago-born rapper finally released her debut album, Room 25.

The album succeeds in both lyrical prowess as well as musical. The opening track, “Self,” arguably the most important track, checks in only at a minute and a half long, but it takes listeners on a trip. Her rhymes are backed by funky beats and her lyrics ebb and flow with imagery. 

Blending sounds similar to the likes of Chance the Rapper and The Internet, Noname’s Room 25 shows a budding artist who’s already taken the musical bull by the horns. She’s daring, yet set in what she wants and ultimately she’s produced an album that has exceeded any expectations. 


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