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Furnishing and decorating an apartment can be expensive for college students. 

Five budget-friendly ways to uplift your space

If there is anything most college students across the nation can relate to it’s that we are broke. From textbooks to tuition, there is not much wiggle room in our wallets. But that should not stop us from making our college apartments and houses less than what is seen on Pinterest. Here are easy ways to make your home comfortable and still pay for your basic necessities:

1.     Inspiration

Like writing an outline for a paper, finding inspiration is essential in making sure you are getting your house to look the way you want without having to use a lot of money. Pinterest and Tumblr are two of my favorite places to find inspiration, but stores like Urban Outfitters and Ikea have room design photos you can look at too. It is very easy to get excited and buy a lot of pieces only to get overwhelmed when the place doesn’t look like how you originally envisioned it.

2.     Thrift your furniture

As a college student, thrifting your furniture is honestly the best way to get budget-friendly pieces. By using websites such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, you are bound to find an affordable piece of furniture.  

A lot of people are concerned about buying used furniture, but if that is something that really bothers you, ask friends and family; there is bound to be something someone is not using.

3.     DIY

Chances are you are using old furniture passed down from your grandma, so it might not be in the best condition. Having a DIY day with your roommates to revarnish and reupholster furniture will give your space a more personal touch – and save you a ton of money.

4.     Lights, lights, LIGHTS!

If you waltz in the home of any college student, the chances of seeing Christmas lights draped from the ceiling is quite high. Christmas lights can easily uplift the space and make it cozier. The best place to get Christmas lights is Amazon because of the variety in lights and styles. Another tip is to measure out the dimensions of your room so you can buy the proper length of lights.

Another element would be candles. Students love Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candles, but they are very expensive. Instead of buying a plethora of name branded candles, try one branded candle and a bunch of small tea light candles. You will be able to get more light without having to spend a ton of scented candles, and you won’t be mixing scents.

I would also recommend having at least one floor lamp, which gives the perfect amount of light for when you are not feeling putting on your Christmas lights or ceiling lights.

5.     Room Accessories

What is really going to make your home complete are accents — like pillows, blankets, photos, plants and more. Obviously, you can buy new items, but bringing things from home will really make your home feel like your home. Old blankets and pillows from home really make home away from home feel like home.

Posters and tapestries cover up the walls, making it the room feel less barren and more tied together. They can be expensive, so taking the time to find one you will really like will be worth it.


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