The rain and chilly temperatures in Athens on Saturday night didn’t prevent people from attending the Athens Halloween Block Party. People from all over campus shared their thoughts and gave tips about how to have a safe and fun Halloween on Twitter.

1. Mike from The Shack sent out words of wisdom to all of the ladies attending the Athens Halloween Block Party, and wants everyone to remember that Bobcats recycle. 

2. The amount of guests on campus during Halloween weekend can be pretty overwhelming. 

3. This tweet sums up the sea of jerseys pretty well: come on guys and gals, you can do better with your costumes. 

4. If anyone says free food, all of the college students go running. The newest restaurant on Court Street is not letting us down. Start perfecting your chicken costumes for next year because…

5. … “That Bobcat Guy” is ahead of the game. 

6. Every freshman got at least one of those texts — and wanted to pet the horses at the block party. 

7. OUPD did not hold back when responding to Housing and Residence Life’s Tweet about Halloween safety. 


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