In Thursday’s episode of Supernatural, the audience was reunited with Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes), a fan favorite. If you couldn’t watch the episode live, here’s what you missed:

The Bad Place 

The episode picked up right where it left off last week. Dean (Jensen Ackles) was given a brief rundown of what he missed before cleaning up. As he was getting ready to shower, he noticed a large, painful looking scar on his right upper arm. When he showed the gang the scar, he said he had no recollection of what Michael did. 

Cas (Misha Collins) read Dean’s mind, which led them to a memory of a hooded figure stabbing Michael. The gang thought the figure looked a lot like Kaia (Yadira Guevara-Prip), but that would mean the hooded figure that killed Kaia was topside, which would mean a rift was open. Sam (Jared Padalecki) called Jody to loop her in and together in Sioux Falls, they had three decapitated bodies and later three separate heads. Jody said Alex tested the bodies and they had no reaction to silver and Dead Man’s Blood. This backs up the suspicion the creatures were supercharged for Michael’s army. 

In fact, in a flashback, Michael made his plans clear. Kaia’s double’s spear can hurt Michael and he knows that, which is why he wants it. It can also destroy the supercharged creatures in nothing flat. 

Dean’s still not Dean

Although Dean is back, there’s something off. It’s almost reminiscent of The Mark where Dean would have uncontrollable rage and urges to kill. Granted, he doesn’t want to kill, but there was something in Dean’s eyes that wasn’t Dean. It scared the audience. When he tried to ask Kaia’s double for the location of the spear and didn’t get the answer he wanted, he turned aggressive. Dean shoved her (she was tied to a chair) into a wall and demanded for answers. He doesn’t do that, and the audience knows this. 

It would be interesting to see where the writers go with this. It could be compelling that Michael can pop in and out of Dean whenever he wanted, which would screw with Dean’s moral compass. 

Jack has the heart and head (and stubbornness) of a hunter

Jack was given the chance to prove his worth. Another hunter brought back a young girl, Laura, who was kidnapped by a witch. Before the witch died, she hexed Laura with an aging spell. Cas thought he would be able to save Laura, but it would take some time. Even with a reversal spell, Laura died and Jack guilt-tripped himself. He felt that if he had powers, he could have saved Laura. He then remembered Laura said her friends who were kidnapped kept the witch young. Jack hypothesized that when the witch died, her spell did double duty to suck Laura’s youth twice as fast to keep the witch young. Jack smashed the witch’s necklace, which contained Laura’s lifeforce and seconds later, Laura was alive. 

Jack stepping up did a couple things: It advanced Jack’s arc of a mortal, and it also prepped him as hunter. Jack helping Laura also helped his own self worth and his sense of belonging. He finally was able to do good without his powers.

But of course, this is Supernatural and nothing gold can stay. Jack started to cough and Cas became concerned. Jack pushed it off as a cold. When Cas left, Jack started to cough harder and eventually coughed up blood. 

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.