The season 14 premiere of Supernatural aired Thursday on The CW, and it picked up three weeks from where the season 13 finale left off.  In the moments before season 13 ended, Michael possessed Dean (Jensen Ackles)’s body and Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) died. The season premiere was not bad at all — it was hopeful. The audience is able to see Ackles’ acting arc. Up until now he has only played Dean. If you couldn’t watch the season premiere live, here’s what you missed:

Sam hasn’t slept, and Jack is graceless

Sam (Jared Padalecki) came back from Atlanta after a bust attempt to free Dean. The bunker was full of post-apocalyptic hunters. It became obvious that Sam has not slept, and his go-to response when asked how he is ended in an “I’m fine” when he was clearly not. Jack (Alexander Calvert) lost his grace and was feeling hopeless. He and Bobby (Jim Beaver) went a few rounds in the boxing ring, but Jack felt that with his powers at least he could do something.

Sister Jo is back

Season 13 introduced Sister Jo (Danneel Ackles), an angel named Anael. Sister Jo was a faith healer. When Michael found her, she was still healing people for money. When Michael asked her what she wants, she tried to be smart, but Michael saw through it. She wanted a family and to belong, which didn’t fit into Michael’s plan, so he moved along.

Lucifer may have died, but his vessel, Nick, is alive

Flashback to season 5, Nick (Pellegrino) was a widower. Lucifer appeared as his late wife Sarah and told Nick he was a vessel and convinced him to consent. After Lucifer was stabbed by the archangel blade and Lucifer died, Nick, his vessel, did not.  Sam explained that archangel blade was specifically made to kill archangels, which is why Nick survived. It’s doubtful that Lucifer will come back because of the production of his death. The writers made it pretty clear that Sam killed Lucifer, which Sam needed. Nick’s purpose could foreshadow Dean’s survival after Michael.

There will be no King of Hell

Cas (Misha Collins) met a demon Kip (Dean Armstrong) in hopes of helping Dean, but it was a demon trap. The gang came to rescue with guns blazing. Kip wanted to be the new King of Hell, but Sam, after drilling a demon blade through Kip’s chest, told the rest of the demons that there would be “no King of Hell, not today, not ever.”

Michael is building “a better world”

Throughout the entire episode, Michael asked people what they want. It became apparent in the ending scene that Michael was hand selecting soldiers to be part of his army and therefore “saving.” Michael wants his creature to be pure and simple. When he asks what the vampire wants, it’s easy: food. The vampire was driven by hunger. It seems that Michael is driving at the bare bones of survival. When he asked humans and angels what they want, their answers weren’t real. By targeting vampires and likewise monsters, the army seems to embody a pure hate and therefore much more nasty war.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.