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David Dobrik has just over 9.5 million subscribers on YouTube. (Photo via @daviddobrik on Instagram) 

Everything you need to know to about David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad

Through endless pranks, funny friendships, drama-filled relationships and his boyish charm, young David Dobrik has captivated YouTube watchers — and he’s got more than 9 million subscribers to prove it.

David Dobrik — with the help of his friends, known as “The Vlog Squad” — publishes vlogs on his YouTube channel three times a week. All of the vlogs are four minutes and 20 seconds long and center around Dobrik’s daily life. The vlogs are hilarious and fun to keep up with, but if you haven’t watched all 502 vlogs that Dobrik has posted, it can be hard to understand what’s happening or why certain things are funny.

If you don’t have time to start from the beginning and watch every vlog, here is everything you need to know to start watching and become a David Dobrik subscriber.

Who is in the Vlog Squad and what do they do?

The Vlog Squad has a lot of people in it, so here are the names you need to know and what their archetypes are in the vlogs:

First is Scotty Sire, who is the sad friend. They always make jokes about Scotty wanting to die and being unhappy with his life.

Toddy Smith and Corinna Kopf are the overly sexual friends who are known for sleeping around and who are up for doing anything. They are also the attractive friends, notorious for their good looks.

Jason Nash is known for being the old guy and is the Vlog Squad dad. He was a stand-up comedian who started vlogging with Dobrik, and the two of them have since started a podcast.

Trisha Paytas, who is also a relatively new addition, is known for being Jason’s girlfriend and being extremely sexual. She was a stripper and an actress and now has songs out for people to download.

Alex Ernst is the serious friend. He is known for his deadpan humor, breaking a small white table over and over again, and caring greatly for his bunny. 

Josh Peck is the famous friend, who was a Nickelodeon child star in Drake and Josh. Josh contributes comedic songs, and Dobrik would pretend to use Josh’s fame to get famous, but the roles have since switched as Josh now pretends to use Dobrik’s fame to stay relevant.

Similar to Josh Peck, Liza Koshy is independently famous from Dobrik’s vlogs. Koshy was Dobrik’s girlfriend until June, when they announced through Dobrik’s channel that they had broken up a few months prior to the announcement. In addition to being Dobrik’s girlfriend, Koshy was famous for her puns in their vlogs to grocery stores or Target.

Dom Zeglaitis is the stoner and the dumb friend but, similarly to Toddy, is also known for sleeping around and hooking up with anyone. He even at one point went on a quest to figure out if he was bisexual. He also is known for having a lot of sexually transmitted diseases. Dom likes to write raps and wants to be a famous rapper. 

Seth Francois is in equal ranking of character with Dom but is also known for being the “token black friend.” He and Dom work together to write raps and become famous.

Nick Antonyan is another new addition to the Vlog Squad and is known as “Jonah” because of his striking resemblance to Jonah Hill. He is the fat friend who will do anything to be in the vlogs and is an aspiring actor. Jonah’s family was also introduced in the vlogs and plays a big part of the vlog family.

Vardan, Jonah’s little brother, is known as the squad’s little brother, and Suzy, Jonah’s sister, is known as the little sister. In addition, Jonah’s mother and father both make appearances. 

One of Dobrik’s biggest roasting targets is Gabbie Hanna, who is usually referred to as fat and ugly. While she is neither of those things, Dobrik always says he is using her solely for vlog content. Gabbie has her own YouTube channel that’s pretty famous, she was nominated for a lot of Streamy Awards and won Best Storyteller this year. 

By far the biggest target of Dobrik’s jokes is Big Nik, one of Dobrik’s oldest friends. Big Nik is a dwarf who is also visually impaired in one eye. Dobrik constantly makes dwarf jokes about him, but Big Nik has retaliated and roasted Dobrik in one of his many rap tracks. 

Zane Hijazi is known for being fat, even though he really isn’t. There are constant jokes on the vlogs about Zane needing to lose weight and Zane gaining weight. His best friend, Heath Hussar, is known for partying too hard and being a drug addict.

Other members of the vlog squad who make great contributions but aren’t really constricted by a character type are Brandon Calvillo, Erin Gilfoy and Carly Incontro, Matt King, and Kristen McAtee. Dobrik also has an assistant, Natalie, who is often victim to Dobrik’s many pranks, and used to have a housekeeper named Chiqui, who was featured in many of the vlogs.

Who’s dating in the squad, and who are the best friends?

With a squad as tight knit as Dobrik’s, there’s going to be relationships and best friendships. Though everyone loved Dobrik and Koshy and are devastated that the relationship came to an end, there are still some current relationships and previous relationships that people should know.

First is Jason and Trisha. The two of them started dating less than a year ago and are notorious for their drama in the vlogs. It seems the two of them are always fighting about something, be it Trisha thinking Jason is cheating or something as simple as Trisha joking about hooking up with a new Vlog Squad member. 

Perhaps the most consistent couple is Scotty and Kristen, who have been dating for quite a while and are almost always seen together. You rarely see them fighting or doing anything but loving each other.

Another up and down relationship is Todd and Corinna, who are always back and forth. If they aren’t dating, they’re hooking up with each other or fighting about something. But the fans know that no one is more perfect for each other than Todd and Corinna, who always seem to get back together.

The cute best friend duos also win over our hearts. Carly and Erin, Heath and Zane, Todd and Scott, and Dom and Seth are the most known of the best friend duos in the vlogs and are rarely seen without one another. One could also argue that Dobrik and Jason are another best friend duo, as the two make a podcast together and are almost always together in the vlogs.

What are Dobrik’s notorious pranks?

Dobrik uses a number of notorious pranks in his vlogs, but one of the best is when he does blindfolded surprises to his friends, where they’re usually greeted with an animal or Dobrik’s newest toy, a flamethrower. 

Dobrik also enjoys when his friends go out of town because he hires a painter to paint the walls in their houses. Usually these paintings are full of whimsical photos of Dobrik and the rest of the squad. 

One time, Dobrik even pranked Jonah into thinking that he was going to be in a movie with Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. Jonah went through the whole audition process only to discover that it was a prank, and he absolutely lost it.

What are important facts to know?

Dobrik is obsessed with his Tesla. He talks about his Tesla frequently and even gave a car tour on his second channel

SeatGeek is something that Dobrik uses a lot in his vlogs to surprise people with tickets to concerts, the World Series games and even cars for his friends. If Dobrik ever mentions SeatGeek, it’s referencing the upcoming surprise gift that he’s prepared for a friend. 

The 2018 Streamy Awards took place Oct. 22. Dobrik not only won Best Ensemble Cast, but he also won the award for First Person, which is the award for the first person point of view for a vlog series.

Dobrik and Jason Nash’s podcast, “Views,” has prompted a Views Tour with the entire vlog squad.

For all the fans who want more Dobrik than just his vlogs, he has a second channel where he reacts to things and shows more content from his vlog footage. His second channel is more of a normal YouTube account with footage that doesn’t fit in with his normal style.

Dobrik also sells merchandise online that ranges from hoodies and t-shirts to mugs and phone cases.

What’re some of his best videos?


His 420th vlog is by far the best. It’s the only one that breaks the 4:20 time boundary and is filled with many fun things, such as Snoop Dogg, a dance number, a montage and fun surprises for people.


This vlog is a classic, as the squad worked together to create one of the trending internet pranks of convincing your sibling they’re invisible. The squad pulled this prank on Vardan, and he was very upset because he believed it.


This is another one of Dobrik’s great vlogs, where one of Liza Koshy’s characters, Jet, “sneaks” into Dobrik’s house and chaos ensues. 


This vlog is the perfect example of the emphasis the group puts on Drake and Josh and how the squad gets excited when they meet some of the TV show characters. In addition, this vlog shows the true quality of Dobrik’s hilarious nature.


Dobrik released another great vlog where Seth is the victim to one of Dobrik, Jason and Corinna’s pranks. This vlog also features Chiqui, Dobrik’s old housekeeper.


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