The Safety App Committee for Student Senate has made their recommendation for AppArmor to be Ohio University’s safety app. 

The apps the committee chose between were AppArmor and LiveSafe, according to a previous Post report. Hannah Burke, Vice President of Student Senate, said AppArmor was chosen since even thought the apps were identical, AppArmor was the less expensive out of the two. 

AppArmor has many safety options for the app that include: single-sign on, customization with local authorities, location sharing, geofencing, safe walk, peer alerting capabilities, reporting and a resource page. While the app offers those options, there is no language support for international students. 

AppArmor’s main notification services enable chat with police, security or other facilities and offer a one button emergency call.

When asked, some students did not know the university was in the process of getting a safety app. 

Emma Bressler, a sophomore studying global studies, said that she thought that the app was a very important thing to be utilized especially with the increase of sexual assaults at the beginning of the year. 

“I like that it’s happening but I feel like it should’ve happened sooner,” Bressler said.

Jacob Naiman, a junior studying media studies, said that getting the app is important. 

“It’s inexcusable that all the assaults have happened,” Naiman said. 

Sara Derrick, a junior studying communications, said that she has never heard of AppArmor.  

“Recommending the app does not mean that it will be used as the final product,” Burke said.

The committee received a new product manager since the previous product manager left OU, Burke said. The app being released depends on when the committee can meet with the new product manager. 

“I am hoping that the meeting can be soon, and the app can be released some time in January before classes next semester,”  Burke said. “It’s kinda frustrating because we are just waiting on the new product manager. I am hoping to have a meeting after Thanksgiving break.” 

After the committee has the meeting with the new product manager, the committee will then go about creating a public relations plan as well as figure out funding. 

“We’re showing that we’re serious about trying to get as many people to sign on as possible and download the app,” Burke said.