Little Fish Brewing Company invites everyone to put on their favorite holiday sweater and come out for a night filled with great music and even better beer.

With the changing of the weather and everyone getting into the holiday season, Beau Nishimura, the taproom manager of Little Fish, thought it only made sense to have a holiday party that would get people to come together for a good night.

“Everybody always likes to put on ugly sweaters at Christmas parties, but we didn’t want to call it that because some people might actually like them and not consider them ugly sweaters,” Nishimura said. “So we figured Sweater Weather Get Together would be a cool name to call the event.”

If You Go:

What: Sweater Weather Get Together

Where: Little Fish Brewing Company, 8675 Armitage Road

When: 7 p.m., Sat.

Admission: Free

People of all ages are welcome to come out to Little Fish for an evening of locally-sourced food, craft beer and vinyl records. This year, some of Jackie O’s brewing staff will be DJing for the event, DJ AVAR and DJ TIZ.  They will spin a wide range of vinyl — anything from 70s and 80s rock, reggae, funk, soul and hip hop to Christmas tunes.

“It’s super cool to see DJs spin vinyl records versus pulling up their laptops and pulling up digital songs,” Nishimura said.

Attendees can help themselves to the 19 craft beers Little Fish offers, as well as their two non-alcoholic taps of flavored seltzer water and organic ginger ale.

“We are a family-friendly establishment and want to offer drinks and food for people of all ages,” Nishimura said. 

Little Fish recently opened its kitchen and will offer locally-sourced pizzas, tacos and salads during the Sweater Weather Get Together. 

“We’re expecting a good amount of people to come out for the night,” Nishimura said. “It’ll be over in our new expansion that will have more seating and tables.”

For the most part, Nishimura is excited for Little Fish’s third annual Sweater Weather Get Together and expects it to be a great night.

“We just want people to come out, whoever is looking for a good time,” Nishimura said.

“Anybody that enjoys putting on a holiday sweater with likeminded people that enjoy craft beer and locally sourced food.”

Alyssa Hosom, a senior studying human biology, loves Christmas parties and would consider checking out the event.

“I’d definitely go to the event because I love Christmas parties, as well as parties with retro themes,” Hosom said. “It sounds like this event has both, which is even better.”

Rex Cosgrove, a graduate student studying geology, has never been to Little Fish, but thinks they would consider attending for the craft beers.

“I’ve never been to Little Fish, but I do enjoy craft beers,” Cosgrove said. “It’s also interesting they have DJs spinning vinyl records. I would definitely look into checking that out.”


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