Ohio’s historic start came to an end Wednesday night in The Convo when the Bobcats were defeated by Central Michigan 88-70. Here are instant reactions from Ohio’s first loss of the season.  

Show us you can shoot

Ohio can shoot 3-pointers. It’s done it all season long. The Bobcats entered Wednesday’s game  posting the second best 3-point percentage in the Mid-American Conference (38 percent) and confidence in their ability to make shots but Central Michigan wanted to see for itself.  

The Chippewas lagged off Ohio the entire first half and forced the Bobcats to take wide open 3-pointers. Ohio seemed uncomfortable with the space Central Michigan gave, hesitating before every attempt. Central Michigan’s defense was unconventional but it worked. Doubt crept in with every missed shot and at halftime, Ohio was 3-for-15 from 3-point range.

Ohio’s 3-point shooting slightly improved in the second half but it couldn’t keep up with Central Michigan’s. 

Do they ever miss?

There’s only one team that shoots 3-pointers better than the Bobcats in the MAC and their skill was on full display in The Convo Wednesday night. The Chippewas shot 11-of-25 from 3-point range and every make took momentum with it. Three will always be more than two and Ohio’s layups had no chance of keeping pace with Central Michigan’s 3-pointers. 

They’re a problem

Ohio has had the good fortune this season of being able to avoid fantastic individual talent. Most opponents they’ve faced strength hasn’t lied in a single player but tonight most of Ohio’s trouble came between two players, Reyna Frost and Presley Hudson. Both players had 23 and 24, respectively, and while Frost paired her points with 17 rebounds.    

Box Out 

The Bobcats are one of the worst rebounding teams in the MAC. Unfortunately for them, they ran into the best. Central Michigan bullied Ohio on the glass, while Bobcats contorted and strained their bodies to get rebounds, the Chippewas easily boxed out and reaped the benefits. Ohio lost the rebounding battle 51-22 and it’s a clear reason for why it lost the game. 

All great things come to an end

Ohio’s 12-game winning streak to start the season was the best in school history, but now it’s over. The Bobcats confidence grew with every win and so did the hype. But coach Bob Boldon ensured that they didn’t buy into it. 

The Coppin State’s and the Eastern Kentucky’s were all leading to MAC play, and now it’s here. The Bobcats weren’t given any favors, having to face Buffalo and Central Michigan to start conference play but now it’s a new season and the Bobcats are 1-1. Ohio now must decide if its start will be the highlight of its season or if its finish will produce postseason prizes.  



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