Many are preparing for the chilly weather by bundling up, but they’re also staying trendy in for this winter’s most anticipated fashion trends.

Maggie Boyle, a senior studying retail merchandising and fashion product development, is the fashion director of Thread Magazine and believes a lot of today’s fashion has to do with practicality.

“People need to find alternatives to their summer styles that will still keep them warm, and comfortable and that are easy to move in,” Boyle said.

Several winter trends this season will include puffer coats, combat boots, blanket scarves, long menswear-inspired coats and berets. This winter, many people will be seen wearing oversized clothing or clothing that they feel the most comfortable and accessible in. 

“Menswear for women is super in right now due to the increasing amount of androgyny we are seeing in fashion lately,” Boyle said. “It’ll be something a lot of people will be seen wearing.”

Boyle is looking forward to berets coming back in style and being worn during the upcoming months.

“Beanies are obviously very popular among both men and women, but a beret is a good, stylish alternative to a beanie that will still keep you warm,” Boyle said. “I'm very inspired by 70s and 80s fashion, so to see berets coming back into style is fun.”

The return of the beret wouldn’t be possible without the ones who brought it back in the first place, but Boyle believes everyone should be their own trendsetters and wear what they think looks good on them.

“There are definitely trendsetters out there, like famous models and celebrities who we see wearing something that then turns into a trend,” Boyle said. “However, I think we should all be our own trendsetters and wear what we feel most confident in. I wouldn't wear something that I didn't personally like just because it's considered ‘trendy.’”

Mikayla Knox, a junior studying social work, has seen many customers come to her place of employment, The Other Place, a local fashion boutique located at 43 S. Court St., and purchase clothing that they deem to be the most comfortable this winter.

“Blanket scarves are definitely a big thing this season (and) also sweaters with turtlenecks,” Knox said. “Everything that will be trendy will be oversized. Thigh high boots are also making a huge comeback this season.”

Knox’s co-worker, Brianna Colvin, a senior studying English pre-law and psychology, also finds big articles of clothing that provide practicality during the cold as trendy this winter.

“Anything fuzzy or made out of chevron will probably be worn throughout the winter,” Colvin said. “And then also jackets that are really big with fur.”

The styles of the times are changing, and Colvin has recognized it not only at The Other Place, but in her own fashion choices as well.

“Nobody wants to squeeze into something too small, so people are opting for the more oversized look. Oversized also has a lot of warmer material,” Colvin said. “Last year, I probably went with big, in your face prints.  But this year, there’s a lot more color, it’s not just the basics.”