Athens City Council will read a resolution at Monday’s meeting opposing federal government shutdowns in an attempt to aid furloughed workers and the city of Athens.

A resolution was introduced at last week’s city council meeting by Councilwoman Chris Fahl, D-4th Ward. Athens Mayor Steve Patterson suggested the resolution in wake of the government shutdown recently ending. The resolution would show the city’s opposition to future federal government shutdowns and encourage legislators to try to keep the government open.

During the recent government shutdown, approximately 800,000 people in the nation were impacted, Patterson said. Councilwoman Sarah Grace, D-At Large, brought up that those in Athens were affected as well. Some furloughed government workers could no longer afford to support small businesses, Grace said.

Fahl also introduced a resolution on home rule during last week’s meeting. The resolution will be read at this week’s meeting and gives cities the right to keep some of their powers separate from the Revised Code. In recent years, the idea of Home Rule has been less enforced, Fahl said.

Ordinances for second reading include topics of recent discussion, such as purchasing softening salt for the water treatment plant. Ordinances authorizing a street closure for the International Street Fair, bridge painting projects and changes to code will also be discussed.

There are two ordinances for first reading. One ordinance will amend the 2019 appropriations ordinance. The other ordinance for first reading will look at amending a past ordinance concerning staffing levels.


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