The weeks may be dragging on, but there is always something worth making you smile — like this week’s Fun News Friday featuring a banana hero, a venomous snake more dangerous than your ex-boyfriend and a troll.

Banana Saves the Day

A cashier at a Mississauga store defended himself from a robbery by using a banana as his weapon of choice, according to

That isn’t the first incident with a random object saving the day. Last November, three employees at a Mississauga jewelry store defended themselves with swords. 

Dating Based on Food?

Samsung created a new app called “Refrigerdating” that allows users to swipe based on the contents of their refrigerator. 

According to, most app users are in Sweden, so if you want swipe based on food, you may have to take a plane for your first date. 

The app is available through phones, browsers, and Samsung’s $4,000 Family Hub Refrigerator.

Trolls are making a comeback

At Universal Orlando, there is a new gang in town, and it’s a trio of trolls, according to

Guy, one of the three trolls, has a special skill, besides greeting guests naked. In all his butt-naked glory, he farts glitter. 

The trio is based off the movie Trolls, which came out in 2016.

Hate your ex? Name a snake after them

A zoo in Australia started a contest to name their most venomous snake, according to  

For a $1 donation, you can submit your ex’s name and the reason they deserve to have a snake named after them. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day. 

All proceeds will go to Wild Life Conservation Fund, according to a press release from the zoo. The winner will also receive an annual zoo pass to see the snake.

Another Unlikely Hero

In Utah, a man fought off a burglar with a barbecue fork. 

When a house-sitter and son heard a noise, he grabbed an unlikely weapon and chased off the burglar, according to

That would-be-thief took off running and tried to jump a fence, breaking it in the process.


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