How to Get Away with Murder had a bizarre focus with a seemingly random Christmas episode Thursday.

As the group celebrated the holidays, the FBI narrowed in on the Keating 4 and Annalise (Viola Davis) more. The FBI agent even asked to interview Annalise in exchange for immunity.

Connor (Jack Falahee)’s mom visited the Keating 4 for the holidays after they invited her to do damage control with the picture she posted. Unfortunately, the FBI showed up and subpoenaed Connor and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora)’s wedding photos, but Connor was able to delete the picture before the FBI found it. It seems odd for such a trivial twist to be added and Connor’s mom really didn’t add to the storyline, but it accomplished what it needed to.

Annalise hosted a dinner party with her mother (Cicely Tyson) and a few of the adults. There, Annalise and her boss, Emmett (Timothy Hutton), had a discussion that seemed to suggest a romance between the two. Annalise’s mom also emphasized the need for Annalise to have someone, but Annalise said that men have only hurt her in the past.

Tegan (Amirah Vann) also seemed interest in the FBI agent and what she wanted from Annalise. When she found out the agent planned to interview Annalise, she questioned her motives. Tegan quickly realized the trouble Annalise was in and hooked up with the agent to get her re-assigned and buy more time for Annalise. Finally, Tegan seems to seriously be on Annalise’s side after all.

In the final scene, Annalise met with the governor, who had a shocking reveal. Annalise’s boss, and potential love interest, Emmett, killed Nate (Billy Brown)’s father in the transfer. As the season wraps up, there’s no doubt the consequences of this will be bloody.

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