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7 jerseys you will inevitably see this fest season

When did the jersey craze start? No one really knows, but everyone just goes along with it. You probably remember your freshman year thinking, “Man, I better get fresh jerseys for fest season. Gotta look the part.” Though you may already have your niche jersey, here are a few that will be worn by the masses this fest season:

LeBron James (but make it Lakers)

Remember all the people who wore a LeBron Cavs jersey last year? Without fail, they’ll have abandoned commitment to Cleveland to follow the King who now dons purple and yellow with the Los Angeles Lakers. (Granted, it’s within reason. It is LeBron, after all.)

Tom Brady

Athens is about a 12-hour drive from the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium, which is home to quarterback Tom Brady. How so many people in Athens found an excuse to be frontrunners for the NFL’s latest dynasty is beyond me, but hey, they’ll have an excuse about how their cousin went to school in Boston so, like, they’re totally a Patriots fan. 

Baker Mayfield

This one makes a little more sense. The rightful NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Browns QB Baker Mayfield will be the hottest jersey this fest season. Athens is full of Browns fans, so expect everyone to be wearing Cleveland’s newest sports hero this year and for many years to come — and ignore the bros clinging to their Johnny Manziel jerseys. We all know he’s washed up at this point.

Sidney Crosby

The Pittsburgh Penguins wonderboy. Most people will opt for the hockey jerseys for good reason. They’re thick, long-sleeved and warm. They make sense for the brisk weather during most fests. So they just go with the one player most casual sports fans know. 

Lionel Messi

With Cristiano Ronaldo now playing for Juventus, many festgoers will have to retire their Real Madrid Ronaldo jerseys and put Lionel Messi’s shirt into overtime. Messi has been at Barcelona loyal for his whole senior career and is arguably the best player in the world. He and Ronaldo alternate the Ballon d’Or award — the MVP equivalent for European soccer — almost yearly. Who’s to say there are many soccer fans in Athens? But you’ll see Messi’s jersey left and right this year.

Tune Squad

Like sports? Like sports movies? Wanna drink in a sports movis jersey? Watch out, here comes the Tune Squad Michael Jordan jersey. Space Jam is loved by many, and there’s no better way to combine your youth and today’s bad decisions than with a Tune Squad jersey. Usually in white, it’s riddled with beer stains from fests past, but that won’t stop anyone from busting it out for one last ride and one more Natty Light stain. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Ask whoever is wearing the Greek Freak’s jersey to spell his last name. Chances are they won’t be able to after an hour of festing. 


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