Colton Underwood is halfway through his quest for love, and though connections are blossoming, there’s a possibility this season may have an abrupt ending. The number of constants is dwindling down as Colton’s heart begins to warm up. Although the bachelor still has his v-card, this was certainly a week of many firsts. A fan favorite leaves the show, contestants are already falling in love and Heather finally gets the kiss. As the remaining contestants travel to Thailand, there is certainly no shortage of drama in this week's episode. Here are some highlights you may have missed from week five:

Never Been Kissed to Totally Been Kissed

Colton and Heather sittin’ in a tree….k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Never Been Kissed Heather received the first one-on-one in Thailand as the couple spent time exploring the town, breaking the ice with some friendly hand-holding and tasting a lot of food. As the two sit down for the evening portion of the date, there’s clearly an elephant in the room. 

“I never thought I would be 23 years old and have never kissed anyone,” she confessed, “but it happened.” 

Colton reveals he’s nervous about the “moment” as he worries of wasting her time. With a little help from dazzling fireworks, sparks fly as Totally Been Kissed Heather locks down a smooch from Colton. 

Elyse puts Colton in the hot seat

As the one-on-ones are racking up and strong connections are blossoming, the inevitable jealousy surfaced early on. Surprisingly, soft-spoken Elyse decides to end her time on the show prematurely, as she “can’t accept a proposal in a few weeks.” The redhead beauty was a fan-fave early on due to her immediate chemistry with the bachelor. 

Elyse shared her tearful confession to Kirpa stating, “I had the world’s most perfect date, and to watch people come back and be so excited — for me, I just feel kind of heartbroken.” 

After Heather elevated after her one-on-one, Elyse emerged from a rage in her “statement dress” to bare the heartbreaking news to Colton. 

The bachelor was so blindsided by her decision, he later told cameras, “I’ve had people give up on me in the past… that's my worst nightmare, getting to the end of this and not getting love back. That’s absolutely terrifying.”

Onyeka vs. Nicole

Last week Caelynn and Hannah B. made amends by putting their differences in the past. But alas, the show cannot go on without another smackdown. This week, the drama spotlight was shining on Oneyka and Nicole.

The floodgates open when Onyeka cry shames Nicole and dishes information Elyse shared with her before leaving the show — confessing Nicole was allegedly only on The Bachelor to leave her Miami town. 

Nicole fire back to Colton stating that Oyeka has been bullying her, and therefore does not deserve to stay.

The two are caught bickering so loudly at the Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party, Colton decides to mediate the fued. But after making a failed attempt to smooth things over, the bachelor flees the scene — closing the show without a Rose Ceremony.

He’s Ready To “Go All In” With Cassie

The silver lining in the dramatic episode was certainly Colton’s moments with Cassie. Where does the couple go to escape all the tension? A deserted island, of course. After watching their makeout session in the ocean and fantasy-suite-like moment in bed, it’s clear Colton and Cassie have an undeniable chemistry.

He marvels about her later confessing, “I am insanely attracted to Cassie. … I wonder if I should just end it all now.” 

Aside from other contestants, she seems to have the ability to comfort Colton while straying away from the circulating drama — proving her rightful place as a frontrunner in the midst of the steamy season. 


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