It’s all come down to this — hometowns. After weeks of unresolved she-said, she-said drama, Colton Underwood has somehow chosen his final four: Caelynn, Hannah G., Tayshia and Cassie. While it’s still unclear who is and isn’t ready for marriage, the Bachelor is heading home with his remaining women for a week of final one-on-ones. Although the long-awaited fence jump will be postponed another week, Colton continues to face rejection, confusion and hesitation. 

Horse-drawn carriages in Virginia

The hometown dates begin in Virginia, as Caelynn and Colton ride through the streets of Fredericksburg in a horse-drawn carriage. After grabbing ice cream, the couple arrived at her family’s doorstep. “I’m excited to see how he gets thrown into the fire,” Caelynn tells cameras.

Caelynn’s mom wastes no time cutting to the chase with Colton admitting, “I don’t know if you’re ready. I don’t know if Caelynn’s ready. I have no idea.”

The big moment comes when Colton finally builds the courage to ask for her father’s blessing. Immediately, Caelynn’s father pauses for several long seconds before posing a question back at him. “Are you ready, truly, to get married?,” he asks. The Bachelor promises it will be a “lifelong commitment.” Spoiler alert: it won’t.

Before sending Colton on his way, Caelynn tells him she’s done falling in love with him. 

“I am fully in love with you,” she quickly confesses. Colton doesn’t say it back.

Alabama etiquette 

Colton reunites with Hannah G. in Birmingham, Alabama. But before taking things to the next level, she’s “putting Colton to the test.” In efforts to appease her Southern family, she makes the Bachelor sit through an etiquette class — the perfect place to show off his bread buttering skills. He’s so talented.

When the couple arrives at the house, her mother definitely seems on edge. For one thing, she was certainly not feeling his toast at dinner as she is pictured shaking her head. 

Colton immediately gets put in the hot seat as Hannah’s dad quizzes him, “What are your intentions with my daughter, man? You’ve known each other, what? A month?” Colton assures him Hannah has been “somebody special” to him from the first night they met. 

Surely, he charms the socks off her parents and leaves Alabama two-for-two on father’s blessings.

Afterward, when Hannah admits to Colton she’s falling in love with him, he says it back.

But, it’s definitely something he did not say to Caelynn during her hometown.

“Falling” in love with Tayshia

After blindfolding Colton and almost giving him a concussion on the ride over, Tayshia reveals the couple will be going skydiving — aka something that will definitely make Colton scream like a girl again. Spoiler alert: he does. 

Colton asks Jesus to take the wheel as he yells, “God, please let me survive this fall. I still need to lose my virginity.” Congrats Colton, you’ll live another day to gush about being a virgin. In midst of the adrenaline rush, the couple shares a united “I’m falling in love with you.” 

Things heat up when Taysia’s father, Desmond, seems hesitant about the engagement stating, “You don’t just microwave relationships… that’s what’s going on.” He fires back again quickly probing Colton with the question, “How could you fall in love, if you are in love, with more than one person.” Is it just me or are things getting very heated in here? 

But of course, the Bachelor was never going to leave without a blessing! After a long series of valid points and a few choice threats, Colton secures his third blessing. 

Surfing lessons and PDA in Huntington Beach

One thing we can’t deny is the chemistry between Colton and Cassie. And all that PDA!

The couple reunites in Huntington Beach, California, as Cassie gives Colton his first surfing lesson. It was unsuccessful, to say the least.  

“He’s falling all over the place,” Cassie gushes. “But he put his heart into it.”

After a long day of falling off surfboards, Colton meets the fam. Her father’s impression is rather skeptical and reserved as he observes, “He seemed like a, you know, guy.” He shares his reservations by telling Cassie marriage is “just something you don’t jump into.” 

While chatting with Colton, her father sticks to his word and declines to give the Bachelor a blessing.

Even better, Cassie can’t even manage to tell Colton she’s falling for him. She sends him off with a heartfelt, “Like, I don’t want this to be over.” Very romantic, Cassie. 

Colton has told Hannah G., Tayshia and Cassie he’s “falling in love” with them. The only one who hasn’t said it back yet? Cassie. 

Unfortunately, Colton blind sides Caelynn and sends her home without a rose. Hannah G., Tayshia and Cassie (somehow) will advance to the fantasy suites in Portugal. 

The final week is upon us, rose lovers — tears and a fence jump all included.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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