Entering week six, one thing is clear: Colton Underwood does not put up with petty fighting. The roses are dwindling, the red flags are raising and the women are cracking. After storming off following Nicole and Onyeka’s argument last week, the bachelor ended the episode on a week-long cliffhanger. Following the extended “To Be Continued,” the drama resumed with a Rose Ceremony — eliminating both contestants. The remaining bachelorettes travel to Vietnam, their next destination, where five women will meet their final fate of the suspenseful season. 

Colton Is Falling In Love

The first date card arrived for Hannah G. reading, “we really knead this date.” Since she received the First Impression Rose, it’s blatantly obvious Hannah G. and Colton have an unspoken, natural and very physical chemistry. Vietnam reignited their connection, as the two spend the day getting a much “kneaded” couples spa treatment — involving face masks, frisky massages and way too much PDA. The one-on-one was almost as steamy as Cassie’s date from the week prior, showing makeouts, cheeky grins and more makeouts. 

Over dinner, Hannah G. showed a vulnerable side to Colton as she vividly detailed her parents divorce. The bachelor confided with his own experiences with his parents separation, yet reassured his date.

“With me you have a place to laugh, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to accept you,” Colton said.

Not only does Hannah G. score the date rose, but is the first girl that Colton confesses to be “falling in love with.” Aw.

Demi Meets Her Fate

With hometowns around the corner, week six is a critical time that will make or break relationship as contestants put up a final fight to solidify connections. After not receiving a one-on-one, Demi’s insecurity drove her straight to Colton’s room in the middle of the stormy night. 

She took a leap of faith and confessed to the bachelor that she was falling in love. Unfortunately, he was not on the same page and decides to immediately send her home stating, “I don’t know if I can see myself with you at the end of this.”

Demi returned to the house heartbroken as she tearfully stated, “nobody has ever loved me back.”

Her plot to de-flower Colton may have failed, but she certainly has earned a well-deserved spot on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. 

The Second Rose Ceremony

Oh wait, there’s more. After all the tears, earlier eliminations and only four roses up for grabs, the episode ends with great news for the bachelorettes: no cocktail party tonight! 

Unsurprisingly, Colton sends Katie home but, not before she could give the bachelor a heads up. 

“You know you have a great group of girls, and you know who is ready in there. And there’s some that aren’t… be smart about those girls.”


Poor Colton is seen in next week’s preview in tears as he begins to doubt the intentions of the remaining few women. Tayshia makes a questionable remark to the camera confessing, “Colton knows that the tea is brewing and he wants someone to spill the tea.”

But with only a few episodes left, the infamous fence jumping scene is almost here.



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