The Walking Dead introduced audiences to Alpha (Samantha Morton) at the end of the last episode: the mysterious leader of The Whisperers, who audiences still don’t know much about. This episode focused on her past and how she became the leader of such an unusual group.

Lydia (Cassady McClincy), Alpha’s daughter, told the story of her mother to Henry (Matt Lintz) and Daryl (Norman Reedus). In a flashback, Lydia, her father and Alpha were trapped in a basement with others, surrounded by gunfire. One of the other people in the basement with them screamed because he couldn’t handle the stress of the gunfire. Quickly, Alpha choked him to death, showing her brutality and fierce behavior for the first time.

Henry seemed to have fallen for Lydia and shared a bond with her. He even (stupidly) shared details about the Kingdom. When Lydia grew scared, he asked her to spend the night in the jail with her.  

In continued flashbacks, Alpha and Lydia’s father grew increasingly angry with each other. Eventually, it was revealed Alpha killed Lydia’s father, further establishing her cold, vicious nature. Given her history, it’s no surprise she became the leader of The Whisperers.

At the end of the episode, Alpha showed up at the Hilltop with a group of her followers. She said she only wanted one thing: her daughter. With Henry growing closer to her and Alpha demanding her return, it only spells bloodshed for everyone.

Here’s how fans reacted to the episode: