Sometimes living in a dorm can feel a bit like living in a cinderblock. Kind of because it is like that. However, there are plenty of ways to make it feel like home even this late in the year.

Before going out and rebuying a whole new dorm aesthetic check what you have first and see if you can alter it in any way. A good DIY never hurt anyone or their wallet so see what you can repaint, fix up or just plain makeover before rebuying. If there are some pieces that you have to rebuy then don’t freak because before school starts for the new school year there will be a ton of stuff out in stores. If you’re short on cash then resell your old dorm stuff to the incoming freshman, they don’t know anything about dorm rooms yet so they won’t know what they need. As soon as they see that you’re selling dorm stuff they’ll be all over it when they don’t even know if they need it or not, because obviously you didn't need it. 

As far as decor items go I would say get those cute hanging lights for your walls because the overhead lights in the dorms are disgusting, at least in my room it is. You’ll more than likely never turn that light on but you’ll use your other lights and maybe a lamp if you feel risky enough to sneak it into the room. Don’t go overboard with the decorations because if you’re gonna be a second year students then you know that a lot of stuff in your room can get annoying rather quickly. That doesn’t mean don’t have any decoration because no decor can make your room feel like a jail cell with those cinder block walls. Amazon has a ‘Dorm Essentials’ section that can really help you spruce up the place. 

When you’re buying stuff for your room don’t just buy it to have it, make sure it makes you happy to look at and to have in your room. This is going to be your space for most of the year so make sure you’re happy being in your room because if your not then why are you paying a ton of money for? Hang up pictures of your friends and family because even though you’re supposed to be this adult that everyone has set you up to be and live on your own you’re still going to miss them. Have posters, pictures and quotes and make them meaningful so on a bad day you can come into your room and feel like it’s your happy place. Do whatever you need to do to make it as close to home as possible because you have to live in it for eight months out of the year. So don’t be afraid to make it comfortable. 

Rachel Laher is an undecided freshman studying at Ohio University. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnists do not reflect those of The Post. Want to talk to Rachel? Email her

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