Spring break starts Friday so here is some fun news to kick it off:

Assembly always required

The furniture company Ikea is selling a chocolate Easter bunny, which needs assembly before eating.

The bunny comes in three pieces that easily slide together. People can choose to put them together before eating, or just take a piece at a time, according to a Takeout article.

Can’t pay up

A man allegedly staged his own kidnapping to avoid paying for lost Super Bowl bets.

Officials believe Robert Brandel was attempting to get out of paying about $50,000 on an online group bet, according to a BBC article. He is facing charges of fraud and filing a false police report.

Robert Brandel was found in his truck in New York Wednesday. He claimed he had been taken by two armed men.

Weird looking dog

A woman took a video of a moose walking on top of the roof of her apartment complex.

The woman said her husband heard noises coming from above when he parked his car. The moose was able to get down before police arrived, according to a UPI article.

Read the terms and conditions

A woman read the fine print of an insurance contract and ended up winning $10,000.

The text had an email address and instructions that the first person that replied would win the money.

Donelan Andrews said she reads through the fine print of policies, contracts and agreements, according to a CBS article.

“We understand most customers don’t actually read contracts or documentation when buying something, but we know the importance of doing so,” read a statement from Squaremouth, the company that held the contest.

Squaremouth also donated $10,000 to Reading Is Fundamental, a Washington D.C. charity focused on children’s literacy.

Don’t Blewitt

The Chicago Bears have signed kicker Chris Blewitt on Wednesday, according to an Associated Press article.

If Blewitt doesn’t perform, he could face some serious name-calling.



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