Graduate Student Senate passed a resolution which will create a bill to increase the amount of coverage by Ohio University for general fee costs for graduate students. 

The university currently covers $174, leaving $78 out of pocket cost per credit hour for graduate students. The bill requests that for 2020, the total coverage be $200, then increase by five percent for four years. 

This means by 2024, the out of pocket cost for graduate students would be $12 per credit hour.  

“The cost of living for graduate students are constantly increasing, but funding from the university remains the same,” Department Representative for Environment and Plant Biology Brett Frederickson said.

The bill will be sent to OU President Duane Nellis, Executive Vice President and Provost Chaden Djalali, Vice President of Student Affairs Jason Pina, Vice President for Finance and Administration Deb Shaffer, human resources and Graduate College.

Another resolution was passed that will request for clarification and visibility of graduate student benefits. This will allow all graduate students to see all potential benefits. 

The resolution will create a resource page on the Graduate College website with the information as well as including it in the Graduate Student Handbook.

GSS also passed a budget resolution, which allows $500 to support advertising for the upcoming Graduate Professional Student Appreciation Week. 


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