Whether you’re already lying on a beach soaking in the spring break sun or you’re gearing up to drive back to your hometown, Friday’s latest music releases are here to fill your playlists. From anticipated rap albums (check out Juice WRLD’s newest), pop-country albums (your go-to is Maren Morris) and long-awaited releases from multiple artists, the week is sure to have something for you to listen to. Here are some highlights from the week’s music releases: 

Yes, it’s actually been 5 years

Funky and guitar-heavy as ever, The Black Keys are finally back after five years. Following its 2014 release Turn Blue as well as solo ventures from members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, the duo is back with “Lo/Hi.” The single is everything you’d expect from The Black Keys. It’s bluesy, high-energy and features Auerbach’s signature vocals. Though it’s only a single, fans can only assume the band have some more music coming in the future. 

If we’re being honest, you should listen to this song

Focusing on synths and beachy vibes, Cincinnati-based PUBLIC dwell on past relationships with new single “Honest.” The single is catchy, melody-heavy and exudes a chill vibe all while accompanied with a funky bass line. The band is gearing up to tour with duo The Driver Era and has already established itself with singles like “One That I Want” and “Make You Mine.” Though PUBLIC is currently unsigned, the band acts as a perfect example that record labels aren’t necessary. 

Keep an eye on this artist

Paving her way with knock-out singles “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Strangers,” 22-year-old Sigrid has carved out a career path for herself that looks big. With soaring vocals and catchy melodies, the Norwegian pop singer excels on her debut album Sucker Punch. Riddled with stories of young love and introspection, Sigrid shows a maturity with her songwriting that still able to beckon young listeners. With a voice that stands out in the mainstream pop world, as well as an authenticity similar to the likes of Maggie Rogers, songs like “In Vain” and “Dynamite” embody all that. With what the artist has been able to do with just one album and a few EPs, it’s no surprise that people should keep an eye on Sigrid and expect her to become even bigger in the coming months.  



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