It has all come down to this — the final rose. 

After a few shocking twists and risks, The Bachelor finale resumed with Colton Underwood putting his heart on the line by arriving at Cassie’s hotel room for a second chance. He took a big risk by ending things with Tayshia and Hannah G. to follow his heart. In the end, Cassie does not accept a proposal but agrees to take things “one step at a time” with Underwood. After reassuring Cassie he doesn’t need an engagement, Colton pleads, “I’m sitting here asking for a second chance and to take it day by day and figure it out.” The words are exactly what she needed to hear as she agrees to move forward, and proves it with a kiss. But she still chooses to not reveal her feelings. Shocker.

His comment, “I hopped an eight foot fence and ran away,” really sealed the deal. 

Cassie Meets The Fam

Off to Spain! The couple travels to Mallorca to deliver the grand news. The Underwood family was shocked after Colton revealed there was only one women left in his journey: Cassie. 

Colton’s parents seemed particularly apprehensive about his decisions — expressing worry over his heart being broken again. 

Surely, he doesn’t care and confesses, “I’d rather risk getting my heart broken then lose Cassie.”

The Fantasy Suite That Never Happened 

The couple spend the rest of the time in Spain on their last one-on-one. During a picnic on a rocky beach, Colton confronts Cassie about her reluctance to commit. Per usual, she danced around her feelings saying a lot of “I don’t knows.” But later, she reassures him during a romantic candlelit dinner saying she’s ready to be “all in.” Whatever that means. 

Only a week late, Colton pulls out the fantasy suite card and they giggle off to the hotel room, where Colton may or may have not lost his V-card. His statement the morning after, “I feel like a new man,” surely revealed it all. 

The episode cuts to the live TV finale where Colton finally gives Cassie the final rose. They both announce they’re “super in love” and are gifted a seven day all-inclusive return trip to Thailand. 

The Next Bachelorette?

Drum roll please… the next Bachelorette for 2019 is Hannah B. To say the least, her stage presence was downright awkward. 

But after being blindsided by Colton, her placement seems fitting. She reveals on the live show, “love didn’t happen for me my first time around, but I do believe that it can happen and I’m just so honored and grateful.” The Bachelorette even had the chance to meet five men on her upcoming season and give away her first rose. 

Rose lovers, the virgin jokes are finally over. Onto the next. 


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