Jane The Virgin is back and fully ready to stress out fans for one last season. 

The season opened with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Michael (Brett Dier) reuniting after she believed him to be dead. Only, Michael isn’t Michael anymore — he has amnesia and created a new persona named Jason. 

Though Michael is back, which clearly makes things confusing for Jane, she assures Rafael (Justin Baldoni) that she loves him and only him. 

However, things become even harder for Jane when she finds out she’s still legally married to Michael. 

Jane has made it her personal mission to bring Michael’s memory back. After realizing Michael simply wants to be known as Jason, Jane decides to get to know the new him. The two go out to Jason’s favorite western bar to line dance and have a good time. Jason gets caught up in the moment and kisses Jane. She gets upset and leaves to go be with Rafael, telling him what happened. 

“Well, looks like Jason is a Jane person after all,” the narrator says. 

Jane explains to Rafael that she feels guilty about getting a divorce and spends the entire episode trying to explain why she feels guilty to her mom, her abuela and even to herself. It’s only after Jason kisses her and she rejects him that she realizes why she’s truly guilty: She wishes Michael/Jason had never come back because he’s ruining her happy life with Rafael and their family. 

Jane decides to get rid of her guilt and just get a divorce. The episode ends with Michael telling Jane his dog ate their divorce papers, but when she leaves he takes the perfectly intact papers and throws them away.

Could this new Michael pose a big problem for Jafael?

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Jane the Virgin airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.